A family photo shoot in Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey

Over the last 6 years I must have uttered the words ‘when the boys are both at school I’ll be able to……’ hundreds of times. I somehow imagined I would have all of the time in the world once I have 6 hours a day to myself. I had grand plans of exercising every day, meeting friends for lunch, preparing dinner in advance and obviously taking over the world with my business too! Alas none of these things have actually happened and I still somehow feel as time-starved as I always have!

I keep blaming it on the fact that we have only recently moved house so I am spending time sorting things out round the house. I’ve also got the furniture-painting bug now so I’m spending time in the garage ‘up-cycling’ various junk shop finds! Does anyone ever get to the point in their lives when time feels plentiful I wonder? Oh well maybe when I retire! Anyway, I know you’ve come here to look at some pretty pictures so I’ll stop waffling on!

This session took place on a sunny day back in June. The family are lucky to live opposite a lovely park so we started the session there then ended it at their house. I always speak to clients on the phone prior to sessions to find out more about the family. Often how the parents describe the children is totally different to how they act on the shoot. It’s not often a stranger comes to your house and starts snapping away with their camera, so it’s really tricky for parents to know how they are going to respond. The mum had told me that her eldest daughter could be a little shy, but as soon as they opened the door I was like her new best friend! She has a fantastic imagination so we had a wonderful time chatting about all sorts of random stuff!

We started the session in the playground and the girls had a ball playing on the swings.



Then we strolled back to their house and I took these photos of the girls playing together.

The family ordered a stunning fine art album as well as a lovely storyboard frame, prints and digital images so they could archive the images forever.

I will soon be announcing my spring and lavender mini sessions for 2015. If you want to be the first to hear all of the details, add your details in the box below or at the bottom right of the page. Thank you!

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