My boys in the woods | Guildford child photographer

I’m still finishing off my own 2014 family album (it always slips to the bottom of the to-do list!) so I’m enjoying going back through some of the photos I took of my boys that year.

I took these photos of my boys in October 2014. At the time I wasn’t too keen on the set of photos I got from this trip to the woods, mainly because my youngest refused to wear a new autumnal jumper I’d bought him and insisted on wearing this black rock t-shirt instead.

Although I was frustrated at the time, I can now look back and laugh at his independent/stubborn streak! And I used to love him in this t-shirt so it’s definitely more him than some jumper I was trying to make him wear!

Occasionally I’m not too keen on photos I’ve taken of my own boys at the time, then I’ll look at them a few years later and absolutely love them! Thank goodness I didn’t delete these photos back then!


If you have no idea where to start with creating your own family albums, take a look at my tips on creating your own digital family photo albums.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and a romantic Valentine’s Day!


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