Family photo shoots in the lavender fields in Surrey

How are you? Life at VKP HQ has been as busy as always, plus with a bout of tonsillitis thrown in for good measure, I’m now trying to catch up with everything!

I thought I would pop in and share with you my mini sessions from the lavender fields in Surrey last year (yes I know, I’m a little behind with my blogging!)

But I’m glad I still have these shoots to share with you, as it’s a great opportunity to let you know that a mini session slot has just become available in the lavender fields. It’s at 9.15am on Wed 25th July, you can see all of the details here. These mini sessions have been booked up since last year, it’s the only day that I’m shooting in the lavender fields this summer, so this is your chance to have some beautiful photos of your family in the stunning purple fields. Please do get in touch if you would like to book.

Here are some of photos from my lavender mini sessions last year, such lovely families!

This was the gorgeous message I received from Adama, after she received the photos below, it totally made my week!

“These photos are like a stamp of my lifetime, as being a mother to my beautiful children. It’s been quite a ride being a mum with ups and downs. But these photos transcend everything and shows me the greater picture. I will cherish these forever. You are very special Vicki, you give an amazing priceless gift to families. I’m in tears.” Adama

lavender family photo shoot surrey


This family I first photographed back in 2013 and once since then. It was lovely to see how much the children had grown, they were full of fun and cheekiness!


This lovely mum had been on one of my Photography for Parents workshops before, but wanted some lovely photos of her with her girls.

And how cute are these little sisters?

I feel like I can smell that lavender again looking at these, it really is the most amazing place. If you are interested in booking the mini session at 9.15am on 25th July, please do get in touch.

Also did you know I now co-host a podcast called Shoot Edit Chat Repeat? It’s aimed towards photographers and creative entrepreneurs, but our latest episode is relevant for any parent who sometimes feels overwhelmed by their to-do list…er, so all of us then! You can listen to the episode with Kelly from Project Me here.

I have another lovely lavender session to share with you so will be back in a couple of days.

Take care,



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