Before your family photo session

I can’t decide whether to go for a custom session or a mini session. What’s the difference?

It’s important that you choose the right type of session for your family. This isn’t something I can answer in one sentence, so please click here to find out more about each type of session.

What do I need to prepare before the photo shoot?

I will send you a comprehensive ‘what to expect’ guide before the shoot which details clothing, location tips and more. We will then chat on the phone in the week leading up to the photo session and plan the shoot together.

Do you do newborn photography?

Yes I do! I photograph newborns in the same way that I photograph other children and their families; natural, authentic and in their natural environment. So I don’t do the beanbag/hat/hanging cocoon shots that you may have seen on other photographers’ websites. You can read more about the reasons why I photograph newborns like this and see examples here. The best time for a newborn shoot is between 2-4 weeks although we can do it at anytime up to around 6 weeks. As my diary is generally booked up at least 4 months in advance, you are best booking your session in after your 20 weeks scan.

I’d like my husband to be involved in the shoot and he works all week – can you do weekends?

Yes, I am available for shoots on Saturday mornings but these are always very busy so please do contact me as far in advance as possible. Weekend sessions are sometimes booked up 6 months ahead.

I’m worried about how I’ll look in the photos as I’m not very photogenic.

I wish I had a pound for every time a mum had said this to me! It’s totally natural for us mums to feel a little insecure about how we look, or the fact that we’re still carrying a bit of baby weight.

I pride myself on making the most camera-shy of mums (and Dads) look fantastic. I give you tips before the session on things to do when I’m shooting to make you look great, and I guide you towards the most flattering light before I start shooting. And please don’t wait to have a family photo shoot until you’re back to your pre-baby weight; your kids (and you) really won’t care if you’re carrying a few extra pounds when they look back at these beautiful photos in years to come!

Read my personal blog post about why I think it’s so important that mums appear in their family photos. 

Do I have to tell you in advance what products I want to order?

No, you can wait until you have seen your gallery of images before you decide what products you want to go for and which images you wish to purchase. Your session fee is payable in advance to confirm the booking, then the rest is payable when you order from your gallery. Most clients spend between £800-£1800 on products after viewing their gallery (this is in addition to the session fee).

What sort of service can we expect from you?

I pride myself on delivering a bespoke service to my customers from start to finish. I want you to enjoy the whole experience. I don’t want you to be ‘pleased’, with the final result, I want you to be delighted and tell all of your friends! My aim is for you to come back to me year after year as your family photographer. Read some of the kind things previous clients have said about the experience here.

How do I book a photo session with you?

Either fill in the contact form here or email me on Please note that my sessions are normally booked up at least 4-6 months in advance so make sure you plan ahead! I look forward to working with you and producing some beautiful images of your family.

I'm a business owner. Do you provide headshot and personal branding photography?

At your family session

I’m worried about my kids behaving. What if they are a nightmare during the shoot?

I think all parents worry about this, I know I do whenever I have my family photographed!

The great thing about my style of photography (lifestyle photography as it’s known) is that it takes place outside or at your home. So instead of your children feeling under pressure in a hot studio, they can run around to their heart’s delight! I have photographed over 350 families so I’ve experienced many different types of children, and I pride myself out of getting the best out of each different personality.

I will chat to you on the phone before our shoot and find out all about your children so I know how to get the best possible photos of them. Although shoots tend to last 60-90 minutes, I don’t have a set time limit. So if your little one decides to throw a mega wobbly half way through the session, it’s no problem. I’ll just start shooting again once they’ve cheered up!

What if it rains on the day of our shoot?

Living in the UK this is a very valid question! If I decide on the day of the shoot that the weather is unsuitable then we can reschedule at no extra cost. I have done family shoots in the snow, drizzle and cold before and got some beautiful photos, so don’t despair if it’s not 25 degrees and sunny! An overcast day is absolutely fine and actually the most flattering light to shoot in. It’s just if it’s pouring down that we may have to reschedule.

Where and when will the photo session take place?

The most important factor in a location is that it is a place where you and your family feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. For babies that aren’t walking I suggest doing the shoot in your home, as that is normally where they are happiest. For toddlers and children I think location shoots are best….I have lots of ideas for great local places to shoot and always welcome new ones!

My shoots generally always take place in the morning. In the summer the earlier the better to take advantage of the best light!

How long will the session last?

Normally around 60-90 minutes. I work quickly as I know that children and babies have limited attention spans so it’s not long before they get bored and want to do something else! But I don’t rush you, if your little one wants a snack or break, that’s fine. I keep shooting until I have everything I need.

How many photographs will you take?

I take a large number of photographs during the shoot (normally hundreds!) and will select the best 40-50 photographs and carefully edit each one for you to view in your online gallery.

What if my baby/child is ill on the day of the shoot? Can we reschedule?

Yes absolutely, a poorly baby/child isn’t very conducive to happy photos! I am happy to reschedule your session to another date at no extra cost, please try and give me as much notice as possible. Please note if the session has to be rescheduled a second time due to illness, there is a 50% re-booking fee will be applied.

Please note that the above is only relevant to my custom sessions. Due to the limited nature of my mini sessions, the deposit is non-refundable.

Can we bring our dog to the shoot?

Yes absolutely! I have a dog myself and understand how they are an important part of the family. I love photographing children with their four-legged friends.

Please let me know in advance if you wish to bring your dog along to the shoot so I can ensure we choose a suitable location for the shoot (and I can make sure I have some treats in my pocket!)

After your session

How will I see my photographs?

The finished images (around 40-50 from a custom family shoot) will be uploaded to a secure web gallery within 2 weeks of the shoot. This is live for 5 days for you to share with friends and family and choose which products you wish to order. I am on the end of the phone or email at any time to help you decide!

Will the photos be in colour or black and white?

You will get a mixture of both colour and black and white images in your gallery. I do normally process a lot more in colour though, so you’re likely to get a 80/20 split. I process each image how I think it works best, but you can order a colour image in b&w or vice versa.

Will I be put under any pressure to spend a fortune after the shoot?!

No. The reason I provide online galleries is so that you get a chance to choose the images in your own time rather than being put under pressure to make a decision as you would in a studio environment. I don’t give you the hard sell and my aim is for the images to sell themselves instead!

It is important however that you ensure you have the budget to purchase products from your gallery, there is nothing worse than seeing all of these beautiful images of your family that you aren’t in a position to buy! For a custom session I would recommend you have a budget of at least £1000 (including session fee) to ensure that you can purchase something lovely to hang on your wall, an album/digital files and some gift prints. Most clients I work with spend between £1000-£2500 in total on their family photography experience.

If you would love to have a shoot with me but would just like to have a few prints and digital images, then a mini session would be good for you. They start from £295 for a 25 min session including 4 gift prints and 4 digital images.

Sign up to my mailing list at the bottom of the page (where it says ‘exclusive updates’) to ensure that you are one of the first to hear about new mini session dates.

Can we buy digital files from you?

Yes absolutely. We live in a digital world (not a material one as Madonna led us to believe. 😉 )  and I understand that you may want to have your images in digital form so you can print them yourselves or enjoy them on your mobile devices. I consider digital files to be a premium product as you have complete freedom to do as you wish with them.

Individual digital images are only available with another product purchase and are priced at £70 each. Or you can purchase the complete set of processed, print-ready images on a USB flash drive for £900. The digital files are included in my collections which also include some of my favourite products . Please get in touch to get a copy of my full price list.

When will we receive the photos?

Your online gallery will be live within 2 weeks of the session taking place and is live for 7 days for you to choose. Your order will be ready within 4-5 weeks of payment being received.

I will either deliver your products myself or arrange for a courier delivery to your door.

For professional photographers

Do you offer training to professional photographers?

This is something I am starting to offer this year after getting lots of requests!  See this page for details on the training I offer to professional child & family photographers.

Running my photography business, my workshops for parents and being a Mum leaves me with little spare time, so I can only take on a very limited amount of 1-2-1 training sessions each year.

I am ran my first Delight Retreat for family photographers in April 2016. See this blog post for all the details of how it went! 

Is it ok to copy some of the wording from your website and use it on mine?

Er no, I’m afraid not! All of the text on my website is protected by Copyscape and on many occasions I’ve discovered other photographers around the world lifting my copy word for word onto their websites. This is illegal so please don’t do it! If you like something you read on here and are tempted to copy it, please read this blog post I wrote about being authentic in business. Thank you.

What camera and lenses do you use?

I shoot with Canon 5d mark iii cameras. I  shoot with a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm and 70-200mm. I also use a reflector (a lot), a diffuser (sometimes) and occasionally on-camera flash when it’s needed. I use mainly Lightroom for post-production.