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We unwrap the layers of getting visible and building a truly personal brand while staying completely and utterly you. 

Featuring raw and relatable interviews with inspiring guests and solo episodes with Vicki packed with advice to help you show up with ease and attract your dream clients joyfully and effortlessly. 

Rated #1 in the UK marketing podcast charts! 

The podcast to help you get visible in your business with genuine confidence 

As a qualified Positive Psychology Practitioner, everything Vicki does is rooted in the principles of Positive Psychology, so you know what you hear its evidence-based and not fluff! 


Vicki and her guests keep it real and help you to show up in a way that feels totally and utterly you. 

it's like chatting with a friend

Think of this as a supportive hand on your back, encouraging you to show up and be seen and heard


What you'll find on the podcast:


- Rakkibeth

"A must-listen for heart-centred business owners. With a wonderful tone, Vicki is not only knowledgeable, she is inspiring and encouraging and has broken down visibility into small, totally doable pieces that even the most timid of us can achieve. Such a brilliant podcast!"

- Michelle Evington

"Absolutely loving this podcast and how Vicki brings in her expertise of Positive Psychology and the importance of showing up authentically"

- Pinnityhead

"This podcast is thought-provoking and encouraging and having real stories and science is hugely motivating. This new podcast is like a glove Vicki has always needed to wear. Loving it! 

- Jacqui JW

"Vicki's voice is exceptionally easy to listen to. Amazing podcast about showing up."

Over the past decade, I've helped 1000's of business owners to build their personal brands and get visible so they can  attract their dream clients and ultimately run a thriving business that they love. 

I'm a branding photographer and visibility strategist and have run my own thriving business for over 15 years. Prior to setting up my business, I had a successful 10 year career working in the media/advertising industry.

I’m a a qualified Positive Psychology Coach Practitioner and completed a 2 year Level 5 diploma with the Positive Psychology Guild in December 2023 with Distinction. 

I've learnt that building my own personal brand and getting visible has made such a difference to my business and meant that I can attract my dream clients with joy and ease.

But I also understand the resistance to this (I've had my fair share!) and it's my mission to now help more people get visible in their businesses with genuine confidence. 

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