I got my website template from EM Shop by Elizabeth McCravy, and I love it. Elizabeth's Showit templates are strategic, easy to customize, and packed full of everything you need as a creative business owner.

After using wordpress for years, I couldn't believe how easy and customisable Showit is, no coding required! 

Like my website? Me too!

They are completely customisable. If you've only ever used Wordpress before, you won't quite believe what's possible with Showit! 


You get a comprehensive training course, The Showit Blueprint, to teach you exactly how to set everything up quickly & with ease. I found this so useful.


The designs aren't just pretty, they are marketing-minded, meaning there's strategy in EVERY design decision you see.


Designed by a Showit Design Partner, who was named one of the top 15 designers using Showit. 


4 Reasons to Get an EM Shop Template for Your Business:

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