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Personal Brand Photography and Visibility Strategy for
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You love running your own business and helping your clients. But I see you there spending too much time behind the scenes and doing anything to avoid being visible.

Because it can feel scary. And sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

Wouldn't you love to market yourself with ease, feel genuinely confident about showing up in your business and effortlessly attract those dream clients?

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You know you need to be more visible so that your dream clients can find you, but something is stopping you

You have big plans & a big heart

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I can help you get crystal clear on your brand and feel confident about showing up in your you can stop hiding in the shadows & start attracting your dream clients.

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 Would you love some gorgeous, expressive photos that capture your spark and connect with your kind of people? 

Personal Brand Photography

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In this podcast, we unwrap the layers of getting visible and building a truly personal brand while staying completely and utterly you. 

Rated #1 in the UK marketing podcast chart! 

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Listen to my podcast

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Spend 3 days away to reset, reignite your passion and renew your focus. Leave feeling inspired to get visible in your business. 

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"From the first call to talk through your personal branding session, Vicki puts you totally at ease and just makes it feel like it's a couple of friends taking some pictures. BUT it is sooooo much more, Vicki truly gets to understand you and what YOU are all about. 

Vicki - you truly made me feel relaxed, which shows in the results. Could not be happier with the images you have produced, you really have captured the true essence of what I am all about."

- Vic O'Farrell

"Vicki truly put me at ease"

"I treated myself to a branding shoot with Vicki, beyond a more typical and shorter corporate headshot session.

Best decision I ever made. Vicki was brilliant. Made me feel at ease, made me laugh, made me look fabulous! I can't recommend Vicki highly enough. Fantastic!"

- Sarah Pollard 

"Best decision I ever made"

In this blog post I debunk some of the myths you may have heard 

5 myths about personal branding and visibility  

Hate the camera? You're not alone! 

In this blog post, I share my tips to help you relax in front of the camera - yes it is possible!  

8 tips to help you relax in front of the camera 

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