Trip to A&E and a bad back

I had to reschedule a couple of shoots last week due to me having a really bad back and advice from my chiropractor to avoid bending and lifting…..definitely not the advice you want to hear as a child photographer! I’ve had a pretty easy pregnancy so far so I knew I was due something in these last few weeks! 

I had a baby shoot on Saturday morning which I would have been able to do with my back as you don’t have to chase 5 month old babies around like you do children! However 15 minutes before I was about to leave H touched the bulb in the lampshade in his playroom and was screaming with pain so we had to make a rush trip to Kingston A&E! 

After 3 hours of waiting he walked out with a big bandage and a sticker and as you can see by the photos below was pretty pleased with himself! 

It just goes to show that you really do need eyes in the back of your head with toddlers… he’s never touched the lamp before so I have no idea what made him do it at that moment. Fortunately he’s only got 2 small blisters on his fingers so it could have been a lot worse. 

Here he is watching TV just because I couldn’t resist taking a shot… I just love his face when he’s concentrating on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Thank you to all of my lovely clients for being so understanding and fingers crossed I’ll be able to do all of my shoots this week without any dramas!

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