Photo shoot with my gorgeous newborn

Last Friday I did a shoot with my gorgeous newbown. He was exactly a week old then which is the perfect time to do a newborn shoot….when they are still lovely and sleepy and you can ‘mould’ them into the positions you want them in! I just love the image above….it’s fantastic when you catch the newborn smiles. (I know it’s really just well-timed wind really but let me pretend!)

I took full advantage of having my own newborn to photograph and tried out a few new ideas that I have been wanting to do for a while but haven’t suggested to any clients for risk of them thinking I was crazy! Check out the ‘baby on the shelf’ image below to see what I mean! 

OK, bring on the cuteness……


When we got back from the hospital our big boy had a brand new teepee in his bedroom that his new baby brother had bought for him. He absolutely loves it….if you have a toddler I thoroughly recommend getting this teepee from Habitat.

Due to having a C-Section, I can’t lift H up or drive for some weeks yet, so luckily I have either my Mum or my husband to help for another 2 weeks. I’m not looking forward to the help stopping….it’s going to be so manic looking after two children, I can already tell. How do you Mums of 3 or more kids ever cope?!

I’ll leave you with these images below of my 2 boys together…these just make me swell with pride. H is being so lovely to his little brother so far, if a little bit over-exuberant! I can’t wait to see them grow into best buddies. 

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