Too cute for words – photo shoot in lavender fields in Banstead

I met my friend Claire in these gorgeous lavender fields yesterday for a photo shoot with her girls. I told her I would post these next week but when I uploaded them to my computer I was so over-excited I had to edit them straight away!

This was a photographers dream….gorgeous kids running through beautiful lavender….bliss!

My boy got involved too and you can see how excited they were when we first arrived!

I just love this little exchange between the two of them below. 

She spots H and flashes him her best smile…

Then goes in for the kill…

There you go, a big smacker right on the lips…

All together now….aahhhh

Imagine if they ended up getting married….these photos of their first kiss would be amazing up on the wall!

And you may remember the baby sister from when I photographed her as a newborn…click here to jog your memory. And what a beautiful smiley baby she’s turned into!

And I’ll finish with this lovely one of the 3 of them….love it. 

My baby boy couldn’t really get in on the action being only 7 weeks old but here is my little sleep thief himself. 

Love the babygro, love him. 

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Have a fab weekend, 
Vicki x

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  • Sarah

    Wow – these are just stunning! And you're little man is just too cute!

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