A family photo shoot at home

Most of my shoots take place outside; in parks, woods, fields or anywhere else that me and the family think will be a great location for their session. But sometimes families want their photo shoot to take place at their home, where their kids are comfortable and so the children can look back at the photos in years to come and remember the home that they grew up in. Just like this lovely family. The photo shoot was bought for them as a gift voucher from a very kind friend of theirs! I met them at their home in Weybride on a Saturday morning in April, and photographed them having fun together as a family.
Don’t the photos of the children rolling around and laughing in their Mum & Dad’s bed just make you smile? The family purchased some beautiful big frames to hang in their home as well as a lovely session album. It’s a real honour for me to capture family photos like this that will hopefully be cherished and passed down through the generations. 
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