The results of my baby mini sessions – part 4

This was the last family to have a session on the morning of my baby mini sessions in Wimbledon. These 2 boys (and their mummy!) were absolute stars. The older brother was definitely a model in the making and did everything I asked which is pretty unheard of for a 3 year old! 

The beauty of these 20 minute mini sessions is that is generally the attention span of toddlers and babies! So it’s the perfect amount of time to get some lovely photos of them before they have a meltdown! My custom sessions generally take place outside so children are entertained by what’s going on around and their attention lasts a lot longer, but in a studio I think 20 minutes is ideal.

On top of the 4 digital images and gift prints included with the mini session price, this family also purchased a huge frame of the top black & white image to go above their mantlepiece. It looks stunning. 

I am going to be doing more studio mini sessions in Wimbledon on Wednesday 14th November. Details to be announced very soon. If you are interested, drop me an email so that you can be one of the first to hear. 

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  • Lin

    What a lovely session! I have probably looked at this same set of photos close to 50x already. And I am still impressed with how you managed to capture us all – especially as the youngest hasn’t been great at smiling when I take photos of him. A worthy investment!

    • Vicki Knights

      Thanks so much Lin. I’m so pleased to hear that you feel it was a worthy investment. And thanks again for sending me a photo of the frame up on your wall, it looked fab! x

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