Back to school photo shoot with my boy

Today was a big day. It was my big boy’s first day in reception and my baby boy’s first morning in playgroup.  H was absolutely fine, S cried when we left him and I only just managed to hold it together!

I wanted to do a shoot with H to mark this big step in his childhood. I was chatting to the editor of our local lifestyle magazine, About Thames Ditton and she was saying that she never has any ‘back to school’ images for her September issue so I decided to combine the two… get some lovely photos of my boy while also providing the magazine with a cover for their September issue.

I took H down to our local fields early one evening armed with some vintage school books and of course a very shiny red apple for the teacher. Here are the results…

H’s face lit up when the magazine with his face on the cover dropped on our doormat, and he’s convinced the whole magazine is about him!

You may be wondering where S was while I was doing this little mini shoot. I bribed him to sit and watch with a lolly, without realizing it was one of those ones that turn your mouth blue, so when I turned round this is what I was faced with…

Yes folks, you’ve just seen parenting at it’s finest…. bribing my children with lollies just before bedtime. I don’t think Supernanny would approve but hey I got some lovely photos of my big boy out of it!

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  • Inga K

    Hi Vicki, love the new website, it looks great 🙂 and how cute are these photos!!!! Totally in love with them, what a wonderful reminder of Harrison’s big milestone. The ones of Sam with the blue mouth are brilliant! I shall have to remember to do something like this when Isabella finally goes to school. Great work as always xx

    • Vicki Knights

      Thanks so much Inga, pleased you love my new website. Ha, the one with the blue mouth will always make me look back and laugh at my bad parenting skills! 😉

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