What to wear for your family photo shoot this autumn

I know when we’ve had our family photos done in the past, deciding what everyone should wear is always pretty stressful. Let’s face it, it’s normally tricky enough getting the whole family out of the house clean and presentable let alone in co-ordinating outfits (or is that just me who is normally wiping breakfast off my boys faces as we’re walking out of the door?!)

I have lots of lovely autumn family shoots coming up, including my mini sessions this Saturday, so I thought I would share these clothing guides to make life a little easier. A great colour palette to choose for shoots at this time of year is earthy colours as they look so good with the beautiful autumnal colour around.

Rather than trying to think of everyone at once, I find it helps to think of a patterned outfit that one family member could wear, then pick out colours from that pattern for everyone else. Then voila, everyone is in co-ordinated outfits without being too matchy-matchy. If you have a little girl it works well to start from a dress or top that you would like her to wear, or from a top for mum.

These first two looks demonstrate what I mean perfectly, picking colours from the little girl’s dress.

And here are some more lovely earthy clothing guides to inspire you. Although I would wear a jacket with this first one if I were you…brrr!

And if earthy colours just aren’t your thing, then here are some looks using different colour palettes.

I hope you find these guides useful and that I don’t now have loads of husbands hating me with mums around Surrey rushing out to spend a fortune on new outfits! A huge thanks to US photographer Corina Nielsen for putting these looks together and allowing me to share them with you.

And here is a family I photographed a few weeks ago who co-ordinated their outfits beautifully with the start of the autumn colours in Bushy Park. More from this session very soon.

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