A family photo shoot at home

This shoot took place at this family’s home in Beaconsfield. It’s great when clients have a lovely garden, or woodland or a park within walking distance of their home as then we can do the shoot at home and get the best of both worlds…some lovely photos in the great outdoors and some in their family home as well.

I spent a lovely morning with this family, and we were very lucky that the sun came out to play too! Here are some of the photos from our time in their beautiful garden.

And then here are some of the photos from indoors. It’s always great to break up to the shoot like this as a change of environment means the children tend to stay engaged for longer!

The family ordered a stunning storyboard frame and a digital collection from the shoot so they can produce their own prints. We also did a great photo for them to use on their Christmas cards this year, but I won’t share it on here as I don’t want to ruin the surprise for their family and friends!

Also as a side note, I’m delighted to have been shortlisted for the title of ‘top portrait photographer of the year 2012’ by West London Mum, so if you enjoy looking at my work, I would really love you to vote for me. It literally takes about 3 seconds as you don’t have to register, just click on me at the top, then click on ‘vote’ at the bottom of the page….you can vote for me here. Thanks very much, I really appreciate it.

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