My little boy turns 3

My baby boy is 3 today, where did that go! We got back from a wonderful family holiday in Turkey last night, so I have an inbox I’m slowly working through and a mountain of laundry to do. But I always write a blog post for my boys’ birthdays so I have 10 minutes to write this before I need to pick him up from nursery!

As you might remember in the blog post I wrote for his 2nd birthday, my youngest has the best facial expressions. Loads of people comment about how expressive his face is. So one evening in Turkey when we were about to go out, I photographed him sat on the steps whilst I chatted with him. These were all taken in about 1 minute!

My little man totally fascinates me…he is fiercely independent a lot of the time, wanting to dress himself and help himself to juice from the fridge. And he runs into his big brothers parties without a glance back (he adores hanging out with the ‘big boys’) But then other times he can be really sensitive. Only this morning he cried going into nursery saying he wanted to ‘stay with Mummy’. He certainly is a typical Gemini!

He is hilarious and cracks us up every single day. He loves pirates and motorbikes, but there is one thing he loves more than anything in the world and that’s his big brother.

Happy birthday little man, we love you more than you could ever know. xxx

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