I'm so pleased you're here

Hi there, I'm Vicki

I'm a photographer,
visibility strategist,
retreat host,
eternal optimist,
lover of baby animals
and muncher of spicy crisps. 

I'm much more than one thing and I bet you are too 

My superpower is making even the most camera-shy people feel good in front of my camera 

I set up my business well over a decade ago and since then have become one of the UK's leading people photographers. 

I started out as a family photographer (which I still do!) and I now specialise in photographing purpose-driven entrepreneurs and use my branding & business expertise, my creativity and my ability to put you at ease, to create magnetic photos that will fill you with confidence. 

I love working with you to create images that you will genuinely be excited to share with the world. 

I've run my photography business for well over a decade and in that time I've built my personal brand and established myself as an authority.

This has led to me co-hosting a top photography business podcast with international sponsors and 250k downloads, speaking on stages and my work being featured in international publications including Vanity Fair, The Guardian, Forbes and Cosmopolitan. 

But this hasn't come without a whole lot of resistance along the way.

Will people judge me? Will Jane from school think I've got too big for my boots? Shall I wait until I've lost a stone/grown my hair first?

Sound familiar?

I adore helping people to show up in their businesses whilst staying true to themselves.

I've mentored hundreds of family & branding photographers and helped them to run thriving businesses and now I help business owners to build their own personal brands and be visible with confidence (and without the cringe!) 

I've learnt that it's possible to run a thriving business working with clients you love, without the hustle, without sleazy sales tactics and without marketing yourself in a way that makes your toes crawl. 

It's possible to be magnetically visible in a way that feels authentic, exciting and empowering. I can show you how. 

I've trained in confidence coaching and I'm in the middle of a 2 year Positive Psychology Diploma (which I'm loving!) Before I set up my business I had a successful 10 year career in the advertising/marketing industry, so you're in safe hands! 


You know you need to be more visible in your business but something is stopping you 

You have something you want to share with the world.

You know you can help people & make a difference. 

But your fears of being visible are holding you back. 

You're spending too much time hiding away and working behind the scenes of your business because you're afraid to put yourself out there. 

You're worried about what people will think, you feel like an imposter and you're scared you'll be judged if you're too visible. 

I've seen this happen with so many business owners - they don't move forward with their brilliant idea simply because they're too afraid to show their face. It's heartbreaking. 

My mission is to help as many people as possible to overcome those fears of being visible and to build a magnetic personal brand that will help them to make a positive difference in the world. A personal brand that feels genuine and empowering. 

Everything she does, she does with warmth, engagement and professionalism. The quality of her photography speaks for itself, and she makes the process fun, easy and genuine.

I can’t recommend highly enough!” 

"Vicki is fantastic!"

Rebekah Giffney, Occupational Psychologist 

Not only is Vicki a creative and talented photographer, but she is also an inspiring teacher and mentor.

She has the passion to see others do well, and the ability to share her wisdom in a way that a few others can. 

"Vicki is supportive, caring, knowledgeable & enthusiastic"

- Veronica C

"Vicki is a great photographer who has mastered her craft. Professional, organised, personable and has a keen eye for how to make her subjects look fantastic and feel comfortable.

She captured me perfectly."  

"Wow, wow, wow!"

- Mandy T, Business Coach

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I have to get out in nature every day otherwise I don't feel quite right! I live on the Surrey/Hampshire borders and feel very lucky that we're surrounded by beautiful countryside. 


One of my favourite things is travelling to a new place and eating at a lovely restaurant. And ideally sampling some local wines at the same time!

travelling & eating

My lovely family - my husband Karl, two boys, two dogs and a cat (we have too many pets!) 

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You have something brilliant to share with the world. 

But something is stopping you. 

My free guide will help you to show up in your business whilst staying true to yourself. 

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