Get a fresh perspective on your personal brand & online presence & discover how to get more visible in your business. 

I use my 15+ years of marketing, branding and business experience, to provide you with expert advice and strategy to move your personal brand and your business forwards.

Online Visibility Audit 
for Small Business Owners 

avoid the overwhelm

There’s so much noise out there, with experts telling you that you should be doing this or you must do that, that it’s left you feeling totally overwhelmed.

Plus it can feel scary to put yourself out there and be the face of your business. I get it.

Perhaps you’re just posting to social media occasionally and keeping your fingers crossed that it reaches the right people. Or maybe you’re already seen as an expert in your field but you want to move to the next level and start attracting more opportunities.

It’s a challenge to look at your business objectively – as the person behind the business, you’re too attached to it. Everything has just left you feeling overwhelmed, overthinking everything and you’re just not sure what to focus on next.

You know it's important to be visible online.

You're just not sure if you're getting it right. 

In my visibility audits, I use my 20+ years of marketing, branding and business experience, to provide you with expert advice and strategy to move your personal brand and your business forwards.

I will get inside the head of your dream clients and look at your business and brand through their eyes. I will do an audit of your website and social media presence and give you my insights to make it more compelling to your dream clients.

I will break it all down and create a powerful step-by-step action plan for you. I will take the overwhelm away and you will receive straightforward but powerful tactics to make your personal brand the most magnetic it can be. 

I strongly believe that your personal brand needs to be totally aligned to your personality and values and that you’re being visible in your business in a way that feels good to you. I certainly won’t be suggesting you do anything in your business that makes you want to run and hide!

My ethos is all about helping you create a magnetic personal brand and to be visible in your business in a way that feels good and draws in your dream clients.

That's where my online visibility audit can help

"I have found myself referring back to the guide with the action steps many times. I’m already very visible in my business, but Vicki’s audit made me realise how I could show more of my story.

Vicki noticed things on my website that I wasn’t aware of – it has made me realise that I need to refocus on my website and SEO as it’s easy to get sucked into spending too much time on Insta! 

I would definitely recommend this audit to business owners who want to find out where they might be missing a trick with their visibility online."
- Hannah of Hannah Pearn Acupuncture 

"I found the Visibility Audit
super helpful"

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one! I didn't realize how much of getting healthy was the mental work. She helped me get back on track after having my 2nd baby." — Marie H.

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

"I thought I never had time for my own health between 3 kids and a tiring job. Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME." — Jasmine V.

"Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

Hi I’m Vicki; entrepreneur, personal branding photographer, visibility strategist and eternal optimist.

I take my decade of working in marketing & sales, combined with my 15 years of running my own business and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, to offer you my expert advice on your personal brand. I help you to become more visible in your business in a way that feels completely true to you. (I certainly won’t be telling you to dance on reels if that is your idea of hell!)

I’ve seen first hand the huge difference a powerful personal brand can make to your business.

When I first started my business, I specialised in family photography and built my personal brand and credibility by sharing my tips on photographing their own families. I ran sold out workshops on this for 8 years and featured in national press and podcasts. Building my personal brand in this way ensured I was attracting my dream clients, charging good prices and my shoots were always booked out months in advance.

I started training photographers in 2014 and built a personal brand in the photography industry by speaking at conferences and co-hosting a podcast which has attracted awards and 300,000 downloads from around the world.

I’ve worked with hundreds of female entrepreneurs on their personal branding photography for over a decade. This has given me a vast amount of experience that I now want to share with others.

I’m obsessed with brand strategy, marketing and mindset, and I bring this unique combination to my visibility audits and 121 mentoring with entrepreneurs.


Why book this with me? 

You fill in the form below and book your Online Visibility Audit

I do a happy dance then send you the booking info through and you pay the invoice, sign the contract and complete the clarity questionnaire

I devour your questionnaire answers, then get to work on my audit of your online visibilty.

Within 3 weeks, I send your bespoke 16 page audit containing my observations where I share with you my powerful insights and suggestions that will elevate your personal brand and draw in those dream clients!

You take action on the suggestions made and it results in a magnetic personal brand that feels totally aligned to you and draws in your business soulmates.

How does the Visibility Audit work? 

- Jen & Maranda, Property Potential 

"We booked Vicki’s Online Visibility Audit because we wanted to see how we can stand out online and if we were missing anything. We've been in business for 10 years, but even for an established business, it’s so useful to get an objective eye on your marketing and website.

Vicki’s observations will make a positive difference to our business and we will be taking action on all of the steps she detailed in the audit. We would definitely recommend this service to any business looking to increase their visibility online and get clear action steps on the way forward."

"The Visibility Audit totally exceeded our expectations."

If you are the face of your business, this Visibility Audit is perfect for you

who is this for?

If you have a website, a presence on social media then you can save yourself months (or years) of struggling with overwhelm and find out the exact steps you need to take to build your personal brand and increase your visibility. 

You could save yourself thousands of pounds in courses and/or consultancy and get a clear plan of action with this audit. 



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+ A brand clarity questionnaire for you to complete. This will help you get crystal clear on your personal brand and will help me to understand exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your online visibility and your marketing.

+ My time spent conducting a full audit of your online presence to uncover any inconsistencies and missing gaps. I will audit your website, your social media and your reputation online.

+ A 16 page bespoke guide with the findings from my audit and a step-by-step action plan that you will be able to implement straight away. 

What's included in the Visibility Audit?


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Having a step-by-step action plan with everything you need to do to increase your visibility and attract those dream clients 

Just imagine.

Have questions?

Great, I have answers!

Everything! I will be pretending I am Enola Holmes and investigating every part of your online visibility I can find (which means your potential clients will be too).

This includes your website, your social media presence, your enquiry process, your reputation online. I want to uncover any inconsistencies or gaps that you may be unaware of and providing you with powerful insights to improve your online visibility and attract more of your dream clients.

what exactly will you be looking at for this audit? 

This is designed to be a standalone service where you walk away with some powerful steps to take to make a huge difference to your personal brand.

It may be that I uncover something that may require you to do more training, and I will recommend the right person for this. If I feel like a professional personal branding shoot is required to elevate your brand, then I will say so – but this doesn’t need to be with me!

will you be selling me training or brand photography on the back of this audit?

I'm glad you asked!

Just click here and fill in the form and I'll get back to you within 48 hours. Thank you! 


In this saturated online world, it’s never been more important to stand out and developing a magnetic personal brand and being visible is the best way to do this.

It’s not enough to just share your products or details of your services anymore. Your potential clients need to know, like and trust you before they do business with you. Building your personal brand means showing your unique personality which will act as a magnet to the kind of clients you really want to work with.

why is it important for me to be visible and build my personal brand? 

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