The Visibility Retreat 
for Big-Hearted Entrepreneurs 

11-13 SEPTEMBER, 2024 | SUSSEX, UK

The Visibility Retreat is an empowering 3 day business retreat for small business owners who want to develop their own personal brand and get visible with confidence whilst staying true to themselves.

When you run a business, it can be a challenge to find time to press pause and reflect. Sometimes it just feels like you're on a treadmill and not taking time to really think about your business and your dreams.

Whether you’re a coach, florist, photographer, social media expert, designer (or anything else in between!) you need to be visible in your business. People need to know, like and trust you before they do business with you. And they can’t do that if you’re in hiding!

This retreat will help you get visible in a way that feels right for you and is aligned with your personality and values. You will leave feeling excited to show up in your business. 

I’m a huge believer in the immense power of retreats. Taking yourself out of your normal environment for a few days to recharge your batteries….in inspiring surroundings with other like-minded business owners….has such a positive impact on you and your business.


The Visibility Retreat is the perfect blend of business, mindset & well-being 

The Visibility Retreat is for women who are the face of their businesses and want to be get visible in a way that feels totally aligned to who they are, therefore attracting the perfect clients for them. 

With powerful visibility workshops, a confidence-building personal branding photo shoot, life-affirming yoga movement & breath classes, invigorating walks on the cliffs; this is a transformative experience where business and personal development come together.

To top it all off, you’ll walk away with some stunning personal branding photos that will elevate your brand and your business.

By the end of the 3 days you’ll leave feeling inspired, re-energised and confident to start showing up more in your business.  

Creating this space to reset and breathe allows you to see your business, and what you want from it, from a totally different perspective.

At this retreat, you will find a nourishing & intimate space where you can connect with other supportive business owners.

You deserve this time and space away 

Thank you for the amazing experience. I feel inspired, grateful and transformed. I'd like to bottle this feeling!

From workshops, walks, photos, vision boarding to being surrounded by great ladies - it has been so empowering.
Thank you Vicki - perfection!

- Amanda Coulson 

"Perfect from start to finish"

I've been running sell-out retreats at this venue since 2016 and I absolutely love it! 

I'm a branding photographer and visibility strategist and have run my own thriving business for 15 years now. 

Prior to setting up my business, I had a successful 10 year career working in the advertising/sales industry. Find out more about me here.

I’m a lifelong learner and always have my head in a business or personal development book. I've just finished a Level 5 Positive Psychology coaching diploma. My final coaching project and paper was focused on helping business owners to gain confidence to get visible, and I infuse this amazing evidence-backed knowledge into everything I do. No fluff here! 

I've learnt that building my own personal brand and getting visible has made such a difference to my business and meant that I can attract my dream clients with ease. But I also understand the resistance to this (I've had my fair share!) and it's my mission to now help more women get visible with genuine confidence. This is what I help you with at my Visibility Retreat. 

I've designed this retreat so it's the perfect blend of business, mindset and wellbeing - I believe that all 3 of these are essential to running a thriving business! 


Who is your retreat host?

Hi, I'm Vicki  

You’re in for a treat!

I think it’s so important to have a special location for a retreat, and Florence House is certainly that. You’ll feel your shoulders drop the moment you walk through the door.

We’ll all be staying in the beautiful Florence House on the Sussex coast for the duration of the workshop. The house stands in 6 acres of beautiful grounds and is less than 5 minute walk from the beach and the Sussex downs. Perfect for mindful walks on the cliffs and energising walks by the sea.

The price of the workshop includes all accommodation in your own bedroom (which is unusual for retreats as it’s normally on a shared room basis) and delicious home-cooked meals throughout the 3 days. 

And it's easy to get to! Florence House is located in Seaford, East Sussex, BN25 4JS. Under 1.5 hours from London via train or car. It’s only 50 miles from the M25 and less than an hour from Gatwick Airport via train.

The retreat location 

Karen Young

Filled with empowering workshops, yummy vegetarian food (and wine!) relaxing yoga, cliff walks and time getting to know other small business owners.

It was amazing to escape for a few days by the sea to work ON my business instead of IN my business.

Our host, Vicki, is one of the warmest, kindest and engaging ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and she held mini brand shoots so we could all be more visible in our businesses.

If you do get the opportunity to go on Vicki’s business retreat, I can highly recommend it as being a perfect tonic for the soul (and for your business!)

"The Visibility Retreat was fabulous"

During the retreat there will be three powerful workshops. 

On the first day I will run a visibility mindset masterclass to help you break through any resistance you have to getting visible. 

On the second day the workshop will help you to get complete clarity on your own personal brand and leave you excited to share it with the world. 

Then on the final day, I will guide you through crafting a feel-good visibility strategy. You'll get clear on how you can get your message out there to the world in a way that feels authentic and exciting. 

You'll leave the retreat with more confidence and clarity to show up in your business in a way that feels totally right for you.

thought-provoking masterclasses 

Would you love to get some gorgeous photos of yourself that attract your dream clients? You keep meaning to book a shoot but life keeps getting in the way? (and frankly you keep putting it off as you hate having your photo taken!)

Imagine having your brand photos taken in a stunning location when you’re feeling nice and refreshed. Not having to worry about what location your going to choose or whether you can fit a shoot into your hectic schedule.

I’m including a 20 minute mini branding session for every guest at the retreat including 5 high resolution images. The price for this is usually £275 at my mini branding mornings.

I send you a detailed questionnaire beforehand, so I’ll capture exactly what you’re after at your session. Whether it’s on the beach, inside the house or in the surrounding gardens; we’ll select the right location for your brand & you.

mini branding shoot

Chiara Stone

The Visibility Retreat was blissful!

And I love the photos from the branding shoot. They are the best photos that have ever been taken of me. Thank you Vicki!

"You captured my personality perfectly"

I have 15 years of brand photography experience and I can expertly capture images that will show the heart and soul of your business.

Please watch this video to get a feel for my work and the experience of being photographed by me. 

I will capture your energy & passion and create imagery that will captivate your audience

confidence-boosting photo shoot

The retreat has been a joy. The balance between work and play was perfect. Vicki has inspired me to release any limiting beliefs and to trust. I have grown in confidence and connected with some amazing women. It was perfect in every way."

- Nina Panesar-Woods

"This is exactly what I was looking for"

It’s important that we move our bodies as well as our minds! So we will have 3 yoga and movement classes with the lovely Emily during the retreat. You’re in for an absolute treat!

We’ll be doing a yummy Yoga Nidra (sleeping yoga!) session on the first evening after dinner. This will be held in the magical yurt then we can just fall into our beds, bliss!

Then we’ll have yoga movement & breath sessions on both mornings.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done yoga before. There’s no handstands or awkward poses here! The classes are the perfect combination of movement, stretching, breathwork and will put a big smile on your face and make you feel amazing. Emily's classes have been described by the groups as joyful, inspiring and wonderfully bonkers! 

These classes are perfectly aligned with the workshops and everything we're doing over the 3 days - you'll leave feeling great in your body and your mind, therefore giving you more confidence to be visible in your business.

yoga movement classes 

...with a group of such inspiring women.

It's been such a perfect flow through the 3 days and the venue, food, treatment, classes, shoot - all has been brilliant!"

- Beth Stagg 

"Thank you for an amazing,
tranformative experience...

I love my food, so it was important for me to choose a retreat venue that serves tasty, nourishing food, and Florence House certainly delivers on that. 

We will enjoy 3 delicious vegetarian meals a day together, cooked by their talented chef. And it’s all cleared up for us too, what a treat!

On the first night we’ll be enjoying some tasty jun-kombucha with dinner, and on the second night, there will be delicious handpicked wines with dinner….at no extra cost to you! 

the delicious food 

Lauren Hopkins

I knew Vicki's retreat would be good due to recommendations, but what I completely underestimated was just how much of a better understanding I would have of what's holding me back in my business, what I REALLY want to do in my business and what I need to action to make all of that happen. 

Not only that but I was surrounded by a group of incredible and inspirational women. We were so supportive of each other that we could truly open our souls, be free with our words and thoughts to truly grow without any awkwardness or fear. 

There was a LOT of fun, laughter and tears (good ones!) great food and relationships made. I left feeling centred and aligned with my business. 

"The Visibility Retreat was absolutely incredible"

A big part of visibility is knowing what your why is, what your big dreams and aspirations are. That is why I have included vision boarding as part of the retreat. There is much science behind why vision boards help you to achieve your dreams, plus it's great fun to do together as a group!

While the rest of the group are having their photo shoots with Vicki, you can spend time creating your vision board guided by Emily.

This is the perfect time to start thinking about all of your big goals and dreams for the future!

Or if you would rather, you may want to spend that time getting stuck into that exciting project, putting your feet up and read that business book that’s been on your bedside table for months or maybe you just want to walk by the sea and think. It’s your retreat and your time to spend as you wish.

vision boarding 

On day 2 I’ll be guiding you on an (optional) walk up the cliffs which are right next to Florence House.

There are many studies citing the benefits of walking in nature, and the ladies on my past retreats have said that the cliff walk was one of the highlights of the few days.

We have deep business conversations, get our blood flowing and usually have a giggle too.

invigorating cliff walk

Vicki’s retreat was the perfect balance between masterclasses, downtime and wonderful activities to promote wellness and mindfulness.

The masterclasses challenged me and will have a lasting impact on how I continue to run my business. The movement classes were filled with joy & laughter – a wonderful part of the retreat.

Florence House is the perfect location for a retreat, close to the beach, wonderful cliff top walks and the food was amazing.

The branding photo shoot was so much fun. Vicki captured my personality and left me with a wonderful library of authentic images that I can use to market my business.

This was my third of Vicki's retreats. Would I go again? Yes without a doubt!

Kathryn Goddard

"The retreat left me inspired, relaxed and boosted my confidence"

Just prior to the retreat I’d been feeling very stressed, overwhelmed and a bit anxious. That had all dissipated the minute I arrived – Vicki put me at so much ease.

The retreat was exactly what I needed. We did some sessions with Vicki on visibility in our business and personal brand. We walked along the cliffs, swam in the sea, did a night time yoga session which left me feeling super relaxed.

We talked, we laughed, we let all our troubles go. We drank bubbly on the beach whilst watching the sunset. It was utterly joyful and heart lifting and I am so, so thankful that I booked that retreat!

THANK YOU Vicki – it was brilliant – and I’m sure I’ll be back!

- Hannah Brooke 

"The Visibility Retreat was INCREDIBLE"

The Retreat Plan  

Everyone will be arriving at Florence House at around 2pm. We’ll kick with a powerful workshop with Vicki all about your mindset about visibility. You’ll look at the beliefs that may be holding you back in your business and you’ll learn some powerful tools to overcome these fears and fill you with confidence.

We’ll take a stroll down to the beach to blow away the cobwebs, recharge and with any luck, get to watch a beautiful sunset.

You’ll get to get to know to your fellow retreatees over a delicious vegetarian dinner. There’s something very special when a group of female business owners all get together.

After dinner we will have a Yoga Nidra session with Emily in the magical yurt, setting you up for a restful sleep.

Wednesday, 11 sept 2024

The 1st day is designed to help you take a breath and reset from your busy life. 



The 2nd day is all about relighting that fire within (but sadly without Take That to hand ;-)) 


day two 

We'll start the day with a reinvigorating yoga movement and breath class with Emily followed by a nourishing breakfast.

Then we’ll go on a guided walk on the cliffs, to blow away the cobwebs and revitalise us for the day ahead.

Vicki will then run a dynamic masterclass to help you reignite your spark, and get you feeling excited about your own personal brand again.

After a delicious lunch, Vicki will be doing the branding shoots, so you’ll be enjoying (yes enjoying!) a confidence building shoot with Vicki. The rest of the afternoon you will be able to work on your vision board or simply have some time to yourself.

In the evening we’ll be enjoying delicious wines (only if you want to of course!), eating a mouth-watering dinner and chatting and sharing stories around the fire.


We’ll start the day with a short yoga movement session to awaken our bodies and minds and put a big smile on your face.

Vicki will then run the last workshop of the retreat, this time on crafting a visibility strategy that feels good. Vicki will provide you with practical tips on how you can be more visible in your business in a way that aligns with your values and feels authentically you.

You’ll leave with a visibility plan that you feel excited to implement.

Then we’ll enjoy our final meal together before saying our goodbyes, and leaving feeling reset, recharged and re-invigorated!

friday 13th september 2024

The 3rd day is designed to help you renew your focus for the months ahead and walk away with a clear plan on how you're going to be more visible in your business in a way that feels true to you. 



Amanda Coulson 

'I feel inspired, grateful and transformed"

I was a bit nervous in the lead up to the retreat as I thought it could be a bit woo woo for my liking. I’ve never been on a retreat before. Boy was I wrong! 

Part business-strategy workshop, part photo shoot, part group therapy, part yoga class and total mindset coaching.

I bonded with a group of strong female business owners. Thank you for the female empowerment. 

- Elspeth Jackson, founder of Ragged Life 

"I left feeling inspired to kick-butt!"

This 3 day retreat will help you to feel confident about showing up in your business in a way that feels genuine and true to you. 

In order to attract more of your dream clients and impact more people, you need to be seen and trusted.

What does the price include?

well, this sounds amazing

£250 payable now to reserve your spot
The balance is payable on 31st July 2024



  • 2 nights accommodation in your own bedroom at Florence House (most rooms have use of their own bathroom)

  • A 20 minute mini branding shoot with Vicki Knights including 5 digital images of your choice (worth £275) 

  • An online connection call/group journalling session the week before the retreat

  • 3 powerful masterclasses with Vicki to help you overcome your fears of being more visible, gain clarity of your own personal brand and increase your visibility in a way that feels right for you

  • 2 morning yoga movement & breath classes and 1 evening Yoga Nidra class with Emily 

  • All supplies to create your own vision board at the retreat

  • Guided cliff walk

  • Delicious vegetarian home-cooked meals – 2 dinners, 2 lunches, 2 breakfasts, unlimited teas/coffees

  • Handpicked wines to enjoy on the second night and handcrafted Jun-Kombucha on the first night

  • A goody bag filled with treats to give you confidence


Click below to join the waitlist in case of cancellations and to hear about future dates

- Cheryl Thornton, Leadership Coach 

The Visibility Retreat gave me so much more than I expected or thought I needed. 

Where to start...Vicki puts thought into everything, the theme, the food, the tone of the yoga sessions, the mini shoot and of course her guidance on how to get visible - amazing. 

I was a bit sceptical about the yoga part, but I have been completely converted after the sessions with Emily. The energy and thought she brought to each session really set them apart. 

I feel energised and clear on how I want to move forwards. For anyone who is on the fence about booking, just do it. You'll love every moment. 

"What a fantastic experience"

join waitlist

Sounds good? 

- Danielle Thompson

The retreat really made me reset how I approach my business. 
The photo shoot was a joy and Vicki makes you feel so comfortable. 

I had a great time with some lovely people and I suspect I may well be returning!

"The Visibility Retreat was a wonderful experience"

I absolutely loved everything; the food, the room, the company, the location, the deep conversations, the photo shoot, the yoga and the masterclasses.

I'm so impressed with how everything built on each other and how different it made me feel. Thanks so much!

- Liesbeth De Schamphelaere 

"These 3 days have been so amazing"

A very welcome break with a group of wonderful women with time to focus on my approach to my business.

I was a little daunted about having my photos taken by Vicki as I’m not a fan of pictures of myself – but she made the whole experience so relaxing and fun. I ended up having a great time and loved the results.Thank you Vicki!

- Elizabeth Watts

"The Visibility Retreat was perfect"

Such a treat to spend time by the seaside with an inspirational group of business women...and delicious vegetarian food! Thank you so much Vicki for so many highlights...a chance to work on my business, walking on the beach, yoga, the cliff walk, chatting by the firepit. I loved everything.

- Rona Wheeldon

"Exactly what I needed for an autumn reset"

I loved the structure and exploration - from reconnecting to the 'why' of business to uncovering limiting beliefs and choosing an empowering vision. The perfect blend of focus, dreaming and playfulness to take the next step and get into action.

Sharing stories and experiences with all of the other women felt emboldening, inspiring and nourishing.

- Louise Rogers 

"The retreat was amazing"

A fantastic few days with a group of inspirational women. A great opportunity to reset and focus on my business. It was fantastic!

- Hannah Baker 

"I loved every minute"

“An amazing retreat. Such an incredible group of girls and we packed so much in; amazing masterclasses from Vicki, beach walks, sunsets, yoga & breath work, cliff walk, bonfires, photo shoots, healthy food and inspiration and admiration for every single woman in the group.

An incredible 3 days with some incredible women who are making waves in their businesses."

- Mel Carpenter 

"An expansive 3 days "

Great I have answers!

have a question?

Yes absolutely. I’ve run my business for over 15 years and I still hugely benefit from taking time out to step back and take a look at my business.

I know how tricky it can be find the time in your day-to-day business to plan those big juicy goals and dreams, so business retreats are the perfect place to do this.

I've been in business a long time, is the retreat right for me?

I am keeping the group small as I think that allows for the best experience, so everyone can really get to know each other.

There will be a maximum of 12-13 people attending (including myself and our in-house yoga teacher Emily.)

how many people will be attending?

Yes of course! I’ve been running retreats at this venue since 2016. My previous retreats were for family photographers, 2020 was the first year that I changed it to the Visibility Retreat for entrepreneurs.

You can see some of the branding photos here from my 2021 Visibility retreat and my 2022 retreat

can i see more photos from previous retreats you've run?

Yes, if you have an idea of what your business will be, but need some time and space to formulate your plans, then this retreat will be a great place to help you do that.

You’ll also have other experienced business owners that you can bounce ideas off and leave the 3 days raring to go on your new business. Plus you’ll walk away with some gorgeous branding photos to help start your business with a bang!

I haven't actually started my business yet, is the retreat right for Me?

Yes you will be able to purchase additional images if you wish. They are priced at £30 per image and there are discounted packages if you purchase more than 4 additional images.

can I purchase more images on top of the 5 included? 

Yes, you can definitely attend if you’re a photographer. It’s a perfect way for you to press the reset button and set some juicy goals for the future.

I ran my Delight Retreat for photographers for 4 years, and in 2020 I changed it so it was for all female entrepreneurs, with a focus on developing your personal brand.

I have taken the content from my previous photographers' retreat and turned it into an online group training programme for family photographers. You can see details here.

I also run workshop retreats for branding photographers

I'm a photographer too, can i attend the retreat?

Not at all. All of these classes are optional, but I highly recommend that you do join them. They are yoga movement classes, so lots of fun and no handstands or splits in sight!

They will be fun, gentle and accessible to all, and you never know, you may love it and find a new-found passion!

I've never done yoga before. Is that an issue? 

As with all online transactions, there is a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period, so if you change your mind within this time then your deposit will be refunded in full.

After this time the deposit is non-refundable, but you are welcome to find someone to fill your place.

what if i change my mind after I've paid the deposit? 

If the retreat can’t go ahead or I am unable to run it then your deposit will be moved to my retreat the following year or to a headshot or branding session with me.

If you can't make it then you can find someone to fill your place or if I fill your place then I will refund the balance (not the deposit). 

what if the retreat can't go ahead or if I'm ill? 

You certainly can! 

can i claim this as a business expense ? 

No! If you follow someone else's marketing plan it's unlikely to work for you or to feel good. 

I run 3 workshops during the retreat to help you overcome the fears you have about getting visible, to help you get clarity on your personal brand and then to craft a visibility strategy that feels amazing for you. 

You will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to get visible but no, you won't find any blueprints here as I don't believe that they work! 

Will you be providing me with a step-by-step plan to getting visible? 

The retreat is focussed on getting visible in your business with confidence. If you run a product-based business but want to start showing up more in your business, then the retreat would still be relevant to you. 

The retreat is most suited to people who run service-based businesses such as coaches, photographers, personal trainers, designers, florists etc. If you're not sure if it's right for you, just email me on and I'll let you know. 

I'm not the face of my business. Is this retreat right for me?

No problem! Just drop me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I have a question you haven't answered  

Great! Simply fill in this form and I'll let you know if there are places still available. They have sold out within a few weeks in previous years. 

I love the sound of this retreat. How do I book?

i'm in

Ready for 3 amazing days where you'll grow your business and your confidence?

Ready to join us?


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Thank you!

— Elspeth Jackson

"I thoroughly enjoyed Vicki's retreat.

It was much needed food for the soul."