5 reasons why entrepreneurs should attend business retreats

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Meet Vicki

I’m a huge believer in the power of business retreats. Taking yourself out of your normal environment for a few days to recharge your batteries, in inspiring surroundings with other like-minded business owners – it has such a positive impact on you and your business.

Each year of my business (which I’ve run since 2008), I’ve attended a longer workshop or retreat of some kind. They make such a difference to my mindset and the growth of my business.

I’ve also seen the huge difference my retreat has made to the business owners who’ve attended. I’ve been running my Visibility Retreat since 2020 and I love seeing the transformation that the women who attend go through over the 3 days. 

As business owners (and with busy personal lives too), we wear so many different hats and are constantly pulled in different directions. It can be tricky to get the balance right, let alone find time to really work on our business rather than in it.

Let’s look at the 5 reasons why I believe that entrepreneurs and small business owners should attend a business retreat, ideally every year if possible!


1. The best thinking happens when you take a step back

I don’t know about you, but I always have the best ideas for my business when I’m not actually working within it. Usually it’s when I’m walking my dogs, when I’m on holiday or in the shower! When we switch off a little, our creativity flows more and we often then find the answers we need. 

Retreats allow us the time to intentionally slow down, to escape the chaos of our busy lives and to really think about what we could do in our business, rather than just ticking off our to-do list of the things we should be doing. 

Giving ourselves the headspace at a business retreat to think and be creative really does make us think more strategically and intuitively. 


2. The most important tasks in your business often won’t get done 

You know that marketing plan you’ve been meaning to write or that vision board you’d love to create? Has that made it to the top of your to-do list yet?

No I didn’t think so! 

When you give yourself a few days out of your busy life to really focus on the more strategic parts of your business, you’ll come back to your desk (and your life!) with clarity, intention and more importantly, the motivation you need to make things happen. 


3. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish

I know it can be difficult to take a few days out of your busy schedule. Perhaps there’s childcare or pets to sort out, clients to rearrange, people to tell. It can feel easier to put ourselves to the bottom of the list and not to bother. 

But taking time for yourself is essential to be able to help others. We have to make time for reflection and growth so that our clients, our families and our friends can experience the best version of us. I know this probably isn’t news to you, but are you actually doing it?

Imagine how refreshed you’ll feel after taking a few days out of your busy life just for you. At my retreat, I make sure there is plenty of time for yoga, breathwork, walks on the cliffs & chats around the firepit. 


4. Connecting with others

I’m sure you’re aware of how important social connection is. Studies have shown that connection can lower depression and anxiety, lead to higher esteem and empathy and actually make us live longer. 

As entrepreneurs, we benefit from the freedom and autonomy that gives us, but one thing we don’t have are a team of people surrounding us. That’s where a business retreat can help by providing us with opportunities to connect with other solopreneurs who understand what it’s like to run a business by ourselves. I know my friends and family don’t always want to listen to me rambling on about lead magnets or Instagram stories, so a retreat gives the perfect opportunity to chat to other like-minded people (who won’t get bored of the business chat!) 


5. Increased confidence 

If you attend a well-run business retreat, you should leave it feeling full of confidence and renewed inspiration.  At my retreat, the whole 3 days are lovingly planned to build on each other and fill you with confidence at each step. 

“The Visibility Retreat left me feeling inspired, relaxed and it boosted my confidence. Vicki’s retreat was the perfect balance of masterclasses and wonderful activities to boost wellness and mindfulness.”
Kathryn Goddard


Convinced that you now need to attend a business retreat? Great, my work here is done! Check out more details about the Visibility Retreat that I run every September in Sussex. 

You can see more details here

Here are some behind the scenes shots from my 2022 Visibility Retreat. 

business retreat for entrepreneurs



We were so lucky with that beautiful sunset!

As part of my retreat, I include a mini branding shoot for everyone to grow their confidence and make it easier and more enjoyable to get visible in their businesses.

Here are the results of the shoots with the inspiring women who attended my retreat in 2022.


business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs
business retreat for entrepreneurs

If a business retreat sounds like it’s exactly what you need, then why not grab one of the last places on my Visibility Retreat in 2023. I’d love you to join us!