Would you love to have some gorgeous, expressive photos that you're proud to share with the world? 

Photos that show your energy and passion and connect with your dream clients. Headshots that capture the essence of you, and show you at your very best.

And all captured in a fun, relaxed 25 minute session.

Mini branding photo shoots for business owners in Surrey 


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"Vicki has made me look a million dollars and all in a short mini branding shoot! I wasn't expecting to have so many beautiful images.

Vicki took the time to look at my branding colours and take me to places that match those colours perfectly. She is a joy to spend time with and goes over and beyond in her customer service, personalisation and wow factor.

This is going to make a massive impact on upleveling my brand and I would recommend Vicki to anyone. "

— Joanna Lott, business coach

"Vicki goes over & above!"

"I had a mini branding shoot with Vicki and it was a really lovely experience. Vicki is so friendly and I felt comfortable straight away.

She provides a 5* service, from booking and preparation right through to the venue on the day and the gallery she sends after. Most of all, she's unbelievably talented! I'm delighted with the outcome. If you're thinking of getting some professional photos done with Vicki, you won't regret it! "

— Tania Edgar, leadership coach

"I've never had such good photos of myself "

"Vicki was lovely to work with and made the whole session surprisingly enjoyable. I don’t find it easy to relax in front of the camera, but Vicki was very reassuring and the whole experience was a real confidence boost. 

The process from booking to receiving the images was seamless from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier with the result."

— Kelly Price 

"I'm absolutely delighted!"

I've been a branding photographer for well over a decade so I know exactly how to put you at ease, direct you to the best light and gently guide you into flattering poses. You have nothing to worry about!

Watch this video to find out more about what to expect. This was shot in the venue I run my mini branding days. 

Don't worry if you hate the camera! 99% of my clients say the same thing. 

feel confident

My mini branding days are held in and around the Guildford Harbour Hotel at the top of the high street in Guildford, Surrey.

All of the images that you can see on this page were taken in this venue. As you can see, there is a large variety of gorgeous backdrops we can shoot in and around the hotel, from urban to more rustic. I will send you a questionnaire prior to the shoot to learn more about you, your business and what you want from your photos. I’ll then select the right backdrops and lighting for you.

And to make your life easy, there is plenty of parking available just behind the hotel and I hire a meeting room so you have somewhere to leave your stuff and change in private. 

The Shoot Location in Guildford, Surrey

"I hate being in front of the camera, so I did everything that Vicki recommended in her pre-shoot advice checklist to give me the best chance of not looking like a drongo!

Vicki had researched my website, so she knew the feel and style of it and had already planned specific locations to compliment me and my brand. We seemed to laugh and chat all the way through the 25 min session, so I don’t know where she found the time to take some seriously decent photos of me. 
- Lucia Knight, Midlife Unstuck 

"Vicki is a photographic wizard!"

"She turns this potentially stressful situation into an easy and joyful one. There is no fretting when opening the gallery for the first time either. A real master of her craft, Vicki makes everyone look their best. I am a fan and I can’t recommend Vicki highly enough.” 

Natalia Barbour 

"Vicki is a delight to work with"

You’re not alone. Nearly every woman I’ve ever photographed (and that's hundreds!) said they hate having their photo taken.

You know how important your brand and visibility is.

You know how crucial that first impression is.

But you’ve been putting off booking a personal branding photo shoot for too long.

I totally understand. I hate having my photo taken too. But I also know how great it feels when it’s all done and you have a great selection of images you can use across your website and on social media.

My superpower is making even the most camera-shy person relax in front of my camera. Within 10 minutes of starting, the nerves dissipate and you’ll find yourself actually enjoying it!

From the brand clarity questionnaire and guiding you into the most flattering poses on the day of the shoot - I do everything I can to make sure the whole experience is enjoyable for you, and that your delighted with the results of your shoot.

Hate the camera? 

I’ve been a branding photographer for well over a decade and have become known as one of the leading branding photographers in the UK. I've been running my mini branding shoot days at this venue for over 5 years. 

I’m so passionate about what I do. I adore making people feel comfortable in front of my camera and producing images that they will love. I genuinely care about my clients which is why so many of them return to me year after year.

I’ve photographed famous authors, renowned coaches, branding experts and hundreds of inspiring entrepreneurs. My work has been featured internationally in publications including Vanity Fair, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Practical Photography and Cosmopolitan to name just a few.

I'm also a Visibility Strategist and Positive Psychology Practitioner and I host a top-rated podcast all about visibility and personal branding called 'Showing Up with Vicki Knights'

I help business owners to become more visible and build their personal brands with my 121 mentoring, retreats and strategy sessions


Who will be
photographing you?

Hi, I'm Vicki

The fun part! We spend a fun 25 minutes together taking photos that capture you and your brand. And I offer posing guidance throughout so don't worry about that! 


I find out all about you, your brand and what you want to achieve from the shoot. I send you my prep guide so you know exactly how to get ready for your shoot. 

brand questionnaire 

How it works...

Your gallery is live within 2 weeks of your shoot where you can look at your gorgeous new branding photos and download your favourites straight away. 


"Let me start by saying I hate having my photo taken. Hate it.

Vicki completely put me at ease, made me feel fantastic and managed to take 100s of photos in a very short space of time. I loved the venue and setting and ended up having lots of fun.

And I loved the photos. Thank you Vicki for making what is usually a painful experience a joy.. 
- Sally Hinder

"Vicki made me feel fantastic"

"Vicki’s mini branding photography session completely surpassed my expectations.

She’s so friendly and I felt immediately at ease with her. I was so pleased with the resulting photos! I honestly wanted to buy them all. Highly-recommend!.” 

Stephanie Reed 

"Surpassed my expectations"

See the results of my mini branding shoots 

When are the next mini branding days? 

25 minute slots available: 10.30am, 11.10am, 11.50am, 1.00pm, 1.40pm, 2.20pm 

Sorry, all of these slots are now full. Please take a look at the later date below, thank you. 

Friday, 24th May 2024

Guildford Harbour Hotel , Surrey  


25 minute slots available: 10.30am, 11.10am, 11.50am, 1.00pm, 1.50pm, 2.30pm 

Sorry, all of these slots are now full. Please take a look at the later date below, thank you. 

Monday 1st July, 2024 

Guildford Harbour Hotel , Surrey


25 minute slots available:
10.30am, 11.10am, 11.50am, 12.50pm, 1.30pm, 2.10pm    

Taking place in a gorgeous hotel with a variety of different backgrounds inside and outside the hotel to suit all brands.
All images on this page were taken in this location. See price details.

Thursday, 1st August 2024

Guildford Harbour Hotel , Surrey

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25 minute slots available:  10.30am, 11.15am, 12.00am, 1.00pm, 1.45pm, 2.30pm 

Taking place in a gorgeous hotel with a variety of different backgrounds inside and outside the hotel to suit all brands.
All images on this page were taken in this location. See price details.

Friday 20th September, 2024 

Guildford Harbour Hotel , Surrey 


If you're looking for something more bespoke on a day and location of your choice,
take a look at my bespoke branding shoots here



The normal price for the above package would be over £400, so a mini branding shoot offers considerable savings. 

You're welcome to order additional digital images but you’re of course under no obligation to do so! Individual images are priced at £25 each and there are discounted collections available.

+ Brand clarity questionnaire 
+ Comprehensive preparation guide
+ Location shoot fee at the Guildford Harbour Hotel 
+ A relaxed & fun 25 minute shoot with Vicki with posing guidance throughout 
+ An online gallery with a minimum of 20 images to choose from
+ Three images of your choice to download 
+ A commercial licence so you can use your images online & in print 

what's included:

How much is it? 

Not knowing how to pose - don't worry, unless you're a professional model, why would you! I have over a decade of experience of branding photography and will gently guide you into flattering poses during the mini branding shoot.

Being awkward in front of the camera - 99% of my clients say this before the shoot! And they all say I made them feel relaxed and they actually enjoyed being in front of the camera. 

What to wear - before the mini shoot you'll get my comprehensive preparation guide with clothing tips 

Finding a location for the shoot - all sorted for you at my mini branding mornings as they all take place in gorgeous locations. I hire a meeting room so you have somewhere to leave your belonging - it's all sorted for you! 

Things you don't need to worry about...

"I had such a wonderful experience with Vicki.

I don't love being photographed but Vicki was warm and encouraging, while also directing me so I could relax and get into the shoot.

She captured the spirit of my brand personality so well! Professional packages and communication throughout, I can't recommend Vicki enough!

- Julia Goodall 

"Vicki is SO good at what she does"

"Vicki was fantastic to work with! I usually don’t like having my photo taken but she put me at ease straight away and intuitively and quickly captured the relaxed image that I was looking for to represent my brand.

Can thoroughly recommend!” 

Melanie Richards

"Vicki is a true professional"

Please fill in the contact form below (or email me at vicki@vickiknights.co.uk) and tell me which time slot you would like, then I’ll send you the booking info to reserve your session. See the dates and times for upcoming mini branding days here and the price and what's included

Sessions will be allocated on a first come, first served basis and won’t be confirmed until payment is received. They tend to fill up fast so please be quick!

I will get back to you within 2 days to confirm your booking  

Thank you!

Sounds brilliant!
How do I book?

"This was my first photo shoot and not being comfortable in front of a camera, I was nervous about it.

Vicki has a very personable approach and in no time at all I was relaxed and my self consciousness had disappeared. I actually enjoyed the shoot and was thrilled with the selection and the final photos I chose. A great service at a great value!

- Natasha Buckland 

"I'm thrilled with the photos"

"Vicki put me completely at my ease & I thoroughly enjoyed the photoshoot. 

I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as I don't love having my photo taken, but she was brilliant.

Would highly recommend.” 

Nikki Smith, Author 

"Vicki was fantastic to work with"

Have questions?

Great, I have answers!

I will send you a short questionnaire before the session so I can learn more about you and your business/career. I will send you my guide to preparing for the session including those all important clothing tips!

We’ll spend a relaxed and fun (yes really!) 25 minutes together, with me photographing you in a number of different spots around the location, finding the right light, background and poses for you. I promise you’ll even end up enjoying it by the end of the session!

I work quickly to get the results you want. I don’t believe in making you spend longer in front of the camera than necessary! See my this blog post to get an idea of what to expect from your session.


Anyone who wants to have some gorgeous, expressive photos of themselves that they are proud to share!

You aren’t quite ready to invest in a full personal branding shoot, or perhaps that’s not what you need right now. You run your own business and want some on-brand, engaging headshots to share on your website and social media. You want something affordable that won’t take much time. One of my mini branding sessions is perfect for you!

Or perhaps you work in the corporate world but are fed up with the awful cheesy photos that you have to get each year. You want a photo that you’re proud to share on LinkedIn and internally. My mini branding sessions are perfect for you too!

If you are looking for a more bespoke service where I work closely with you to create a custom shoot, then you might be better to book me for a bespoke personal branding shoot. With my bespoke sessions, we select the perfect location for you and your brand, you can have a change of outfits and we get more like 60-100 images of you, telling a story of you and your business.

who are the mini branding shoots for?

I do edit all of your images by hand before they are uploaded to your gallery for viewing. This means spending time ensuring the colours are accurate, and yes I do a little bit of skin smoothing as my cameras are very sharp! However I still want you to look like you, so I don’t slim my clients down or make them look 10 years younger.

You look lovely just the way you are, and I feel passionate that you should show an authentic version of yourself to the world. I will help you to look the best version of yourself.

Will you Photoshop my images and get rid of my wrinkles and/or make me look slimmer?

Absolutely not! I don’t photograph models, I photograph real women, and none of them knew how to pose before their shoots with me either!

I will gently direct you during the shoot to ensure you’re in the most flattering poses. And don’t worry about not knowing what to do with your hands….I’ve got you covered!

I have no idea how to pose and I’m not comfortable in front of the camera! With this be a problem?

Of course! I have been running headshot days for a number of years now, you can look through some of them here on my blog and here. And do take a look through my headshot portfolio.


There are plenty of places for us to shoot indoors and undercover at the venue, so it’s no problem if it’s a bit miserable.

I would only reschedule the mini branding day if the weather was particularly bad. In that situation, I would reschedule the sessions at no extra cost to you, or would offer you a full refund.

what if the weather is bad?

Yes I do! I have an online course called The Art and Business of Branding Photography, a brand photography posing guide and I run workshop retreats for branding photographers along with my podcast co-host, Eddie.


No there won't, I hate the hard sell as much as you do. All of my prices are completely upfront and transparent, so there are no nasty surprises after the session. You get 3 images included in the shoot price and can purchase more if you wish from £25 per image.
I have over a hundred 5 star reviews on Google and many more hundreds of delighted clients, so you have no worries there!

will there be any hard sell after the shoot to purchase more images?

Book your mini branding shoot now

Yes please!

"Vicki is such a professional.

She immediately put me at ease for our head shot session. The photos were amazing and I'm so pleased!

For anyone needing professional photos for their business, don't hesitate to book Vicki.

- Megan Han 

"Fantastic experience"

"As a communications consultant, I have worked with photographers for many years and Vicki is excellent at what she does. I just hired her for a personal branding shoot and she was professional, understands your needs, makes you feel comfortable and, most importantly, gets the great shots!I highly recommend Vicki if you need a personal branding photographer.” 

Merrill Matthews 

"Vicki is excellent at what she does"