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Meet Vicki

I want to introduce you to some wonderful women in business that I’ve photographed recently. But first, I have some headshot mornings in Guildford, Surrey coming up in 2023 that I want to tell you about. You can see all of the details here. 

I’ve really enjoyed running my headshot mornings recently in Guildford. During the morning, I spend a fun (and very painless!) 25 minutes with each person, shooting in a few different spots around Guildford Harbour Hotel.

It’s a great opportunity to get some shiny new headshots for your website and social media, that you’re actually proud to share. Although they are speedy sessions, it’s certainly not one size fits all. I pride myself in providing an individual service to every one of my clients. Before the session I send you a comprehensive ‘how to prepare’ guide and a questionnaire so I can find out more about you and your business. Then I select different light and backgrounds within the mini session that I think will suit you and your brand.

Here are some of the women I’ve photographed recently in this location. You can see from these images just how varied the backgrounds are. So whether you are looking for more corporate shots, or images with a more rustic feel, we can find the right backgrounds that will work for you.

Let’s start with interior designer, Natalia Barbour, who I have photographed a number of times before. In fact, I’ve been photographing Natalia since about 2011!

Here is what Natalia had to say about her headshot session:

“Vicki is a delight to work with. She turns this potentially stressful experience into an easy and joyful one. There is no fretting when opening the photos for the first time either – real master of her craft, Vicky makes everybody look their best. Family photos, headshot or personal branding, I am a fan and can’t recommend Vicki highly enough.”

This is Lucia Knight (not related!) who runs Mid-life Unstuck, helping professionals in their 40’s and 50’s to get out of a rut and transform their careers. Excitingly, she had just released her book, X-change so it was great to get some photos of her holding her new baby!

This is what Lucia had to say about the experience….

“After being “strongly encouraged” by my publisher to get some decent photos of me and my book – I joined Vicki on one of her headshot days. I hate being in front of the camera so I did everything that Vicki recommended in her pre-shoot advice checklist to give me the best chance of not looking like a drongo! Even then, I still had low expectations of the shoot and the resulting photos.
How wrong could I have been?!

Vicky had researched my website so knew the feel and style of it and had already planned specific locations and photos to compliment that. We seemed to laugh and chat all the way through my 30min slot so I don’t know where she found the time to take some seriously decent photos of me that I won’t have to apologise for in future. She’s a photographic wizard!”

This is Danielle Gardner, aka The Quiet Marketer. Dani helps people to articulate their message, market with quiet confidence and spend less time online. Yes to that!

This is wedding & events planner, Kim Thackery from Bespoke and Beyond Events.

I did a full personal branding shoot with Kim last year, but she needed a few updated headshots, so booked onto my headshot morning.

This is Juliet Wheater, who is a spa PR consultant. 

This is Renee Apache, who works at Jaguar Land Rover and needed some new headshots for her LinkedIn profile.

This is Karine Richards and Lori Fiori who booked a joint session with me as they run their business Flores Brand Works together.  A longer session meant we had time to get some lovely shots of them together and individually.

This is Victoria Robinson, an independent property buying specialist, who needed some up to date headshots for her LinkedIn profile and new website.

This is the kind review that Victoria left after her session….

“Not only was the photo shoot a wonderful experience but the final photos were stunning. Vicki was highly professional, totally put me at ease in front of the camera and understood my brief, so she was able to capture some lovely shots that I can use for my business. I would highly recommend Vicki to anyone.”

This is Lani Bannach, who is a top leadership coach and is coming up to her 25th anniversary as a mentor. Lani gives executives more personal and professional power.

This is Michelle Horsfield who is a sustainability expert in the energy industry. Michele wanted some updated headshots for her LinkedIn profile and to use at work.

I just love the variety of the fields of work of the people I photograph, these women couldn’t have more varied jobs!

You can find out more about my next headshot morning in Guildford here. Or if you would like a full personal branding session with me, you can find out more details here.

Have a great rest of the week!

PS. If you’re a bit of a podcast addict like me, I’ve been interviewed on a few recently. You can hear me on the Being Freelance podcast, and I talk all about how to get over your fear of being photographed on the ‘Good Life Well Lived’ podcast. And finally, I’m interviewed along with my co-host on our 50th episode of our podcast, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat. Enjoy!