You have big plans for your business but the lack of focus has left you floundering and procrastinating about getting visible. 

Let's spend 90 minutes together getting you back on track. You'll leave the call with the clarity you need to start marketing your business with ease & confidence.

A 1-2-1session for business owners to get complete clarity on your
personal brand 

personal Brand
   clarity session   

Let me take you by the hand and help you!

During our powerful clarity call, we dive deep into your brand identity and uncover your unique strengths, values, and goals.

Through a blend of thought-provoking coaching questions and my expert advice on personal branding, we'll work together to capture the essence of your personal brand.

I send you a thought-provoking questionnaire beforehand so that we can hit the ground running during our call. 

After our session, I'll send you your very own Personal Brand Pyramid, which distills the magic of your personal brand into a clear and powerful message. It's a valuable resource that you can use to guide your branding decisions and confidently showcase your business to the world.

you're just not sure how to communicate who you are & how you help your clients

You know you're meant to have a personal brand, but you're struggling to know where to start with it 

Grow your audience & effortlessly attract your soulmate clients all without selling your soul or losing your integrity 

Feel excited about marketing your business and getting your message out to more people 

Consistently show up online without draining your energy (and time) 

Stand out in the crowded online world - people buy people (a bit of a cliché I know, but so true) 

Clarity on your personal brand can help you...

As Jeff Bezos famously once said, 'Your personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room'. 

I know that sounds slightly terrifying, but the great thing about developing your personal brand is that you get to influence what people are saying about you! 

You can put out the parts of your personality that you are comfortable sharing with the world. This isn't about sharing your dirty laundry or trying to be an influencer, this is about showing up authentically as you and as a result, attracting more of your dream clients. 

your potential clients need to know, like & trust you 

A magnetic personal brand can change everything for you 

You'll feel excited about authentically sharing your thoughts, values, ideas and vision with your audience and as a result, you'll stand out in the crowded online world. 

With my help, you'll be crystal clear on your personal brand and confidently use this to attract your dream clients 

Over the past decade, I've trained and mentored over 100 business owners and helped them to grow their personal brands to attract their dream clients and ultimately run a thriving business that they love. 

I'm a branding photographer and strategist and have run my own thriving business for well over a decade. Prior to setting up my business, I had a successful 10 year career working in the advertising/marketing/sales industry.

I’m a lifelong learner and always have my head in a business or personal development book. I’m a certified confidence coach and I’m currently in my second year of studying for Positive Psychology coaching diploma with the Positive Psychology Guild. 

I've learnt that building my own personal brand and getting visible has made such a difference to my business and meant that I can attract my dream clients with ease.

I've built my personal brand in a few different areas including family photography, business training for photographers and more recently personal branding. I also understand the resistance to this (I've had my fair share!) and it's my mission to now help more people get visible in their businesses with genuine confidence. 

I'll help you to build a magnetic personal brand 

Hi, I'm Vicki 

“Prior to the session, I was feeling confused and muddled on my messaging, knowing something wasn't right but not sure how to fix it. Vicki really helped me to get clarity about my brand statement and values and then we looked at how I can infuse my content with this going forward as well as changes to make to my website so it aligns more closely with my values. 

Vicki picked out gold from my throwaway comments and I now feel more confident around my communication and strategy going forward. Vicki is a joy to work with, so friendly, immediately able to put you at ease, very insightful and I really appreciated all the wisdom she shared with me."

Alyssa Richmond, Intuitive Life Coach 

"This Brand Clarity session was worth so much more than the investment I paid "

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one! I didn't realize how much of getting healthy was the mental work. She helped me get back on track after having my 2nd baby." — Marie H.

"Gabby is a big sister presence + a kick butt coach all in one!"

"I thought I never had time for my own health between 3 kids and a tiring job. Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME." — Jasmine V.

"Gabby taught me how to make time for and truly care for ME."

What's the investment?

well, this sounds great.

If you are looking for longer term support then check out my 3 month 121 programme, Confidently Visible

Get 10% discount off my Visibility Audit after booking this clarity session 



+ A thought-provoking questionnaire sent to you before our call so we can hit the ground running during our call

+ A powerful 90 minute call via Zoom to get clarity on your personal brand

+ Your unique Personal Brand Pyramid - this distills the magic of your personal brand into a clear and powerful message.  This will give you sparkling clarity for every part of your business 

+ Access to Vicki via email for 1 week after our call for any questions or thoughts you have 

what's included: 

"I contacted Vicki for a mentoring session, as I felt I needed to change certain aspects of my business in order to move things forward. I thought Vicki would be the perfect person to help with this.

I wasn’t disappointed. We covered everything I needed to in the session (and more!) and I left with a solid strategy to work on for the year ahead. Vicki was so lovely to work with and very generous in the amount of knowledge she shared."
- Felicity L

"Can't recommend highly enough"

This Brand Clarity session helped me to understand who my ideal clients are and most importantly, how my brand needs to look and sound to attract those clients. 

For me as a new business owner, this brand coaching session along with a mini branding shoot with Vicki were a godsend. 

- Yvonne Lecocq 

"This session really helped me to understand my brand"

  • You run a service-based business where you are the face of your business....this could be anything from a coach, photographer, florist, personal trainer, nutritionist and more. 

  • You know you need to build your personal brand to stand out and to grow your business but you just don't know how.

  • You have so much in your head that you're finding it difficult to unscramble everything and see a clear path.

  • You feel exhausted by trying to market your business without having clarity and you feel uncomfortable putting yourself out there.

We're a great match if...

Great, I have answers! 

have a question?

Once you have completed the form above I will let you know my availability. The call usually takes place 2 weeks after I have sent you the brand questionnaire, to give you time to think about your answers and for me to read through it all. 

when can we have the call?

Simply fill in the form above and I will send you all of the booking info and a link to get the call booked in I will then send you the personal brand questionnaire which you need to complete before our call. 

how do I book?

We won't have time to create your marketing plan within this call, but you will walk away with a much clearer idea about your personal brand and how you will communicate that in your marketing. If you are looking for more support to help you feel confident about getting visible and having a content and marketing plan that feels easy and authentic, then check out my 3 month 121 programme, Confidently Visible

will we be creating my marketing plan during this call?

It's not possible to create your full brand strategy within this one-off call - we need to be realistic about how much we can achieve in just 90 minutes! The questionnaire will really get you thinking about your personal brand and how you will communicate that in your marketing. During the session we will get through as much as possible, but it totally depends on the individual. Some of you will be further along than others before we chat. If we don't cover everything you need, you are of course welcome to book further sessions with me. 

Will you create my brand strategy during this call?

I'm in

Are you ready to find your magic and build a magnetic personal brand?    

— Naomi M

"I could not have asked for a better mentor. Vicki is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help.

Her experience shines through when giving advice. I am so thankful for all the words of wisdom and giving me the confidence to grow a business that I am truly proud of. A very worthy investment … thank you Vicki."

Based in Surrey, UK


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