A family photo shoot with teenagers

Most of the families I photograph have children under the age of 6. That’s no surprise really, having family photos taken is normally on the to-do list when your children are babies and often we don’t get round to it until they are pre-schoolers! But strangely I don’t get that many enquiries from parents with children over the age of about 10. I think by then it seems more of an effort to organise a photo shoot as the children probably aren’t so up for it! And when your children aren’t changing month by month, it’s easy for it to slip to the bottom of the ever-growing to-do list.

But I think it’s so important to be photographed as a family at every stage of your childrens’ lives. And before you say ‘well, you would say that wouldn’t you’ watch this video and then hopefully you’ll agree with me! When your children are all grown up and have left home, you’ll love to have fantastic photos of them to look through and remember exactly how they were at every stage of their childhood. Just a little warning, the video is a bit of a tear jerker so set aside some time to watch it when it won’t matter if you have mascara running down your face!

So I was over the moon when this lovely mum contacted me after attending one of my photography workshops for parents, and asked me to do a family photo shoot with her 2 teenage boys. There were probably a hundred other things the boys would rather have been doing on a Saturday morning, but I was pleased that they admitted afterwards that they had actually quite enjoyed it! They are such a lovely family and the boys are a real credit to their parents.

I got this email from Kathy after she had viewed their online gallery:

“I am in tears, thank you, they are all so beautiful. They are just what I imagined but 100 times more beautiful. They will be cherished.”

It’s not often you get thanked for making someone cry! I’m so pleased that the family ordered some albums as well as a beautiful frame, as they will be able to look through the photos and remember this time in their lives for many years to come.

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