6 reasons why you should invest in family photography

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Even though we flick through more photos on a daily basis than ever before, often we forget how truly special photographs can be. 

With iPhones glued to our palms, it’s become super easy to just snap away and take hundreds of photographs of your kids, your pets, your daily activities and yourself.

In the modern world of selfies, you might be asking… why on earth would I hire a photographer to do something I can just do myself?

Investing in family photography can also feel daunting. No one particularly likes stepping out in front of the camera, or feels 100% comfortable with someone taking hundreds of photos of them.

So many of us are guilty of putting it off until we lose a little extra weight, grow out a fringe or sort out our hair colour – myself included!

However if you put those fears aside and throw yourself into it, family photography is a beautiful, magical and life-long investment. In my work as a Surrey family photographer, I’ve photographed hundreds of families and seen just how rewarding it is for those families to have gorgeous photos to treasure. 

Need a little convincing? Let’s dive into all the reasons why family photography is a worthwhile investment you’ll never regret.

1. You’ll gain authentic photos of you all together

And if you’re leading a hectic life with a busy family, you’ll know just how hard that can be!

A natural, expressive photo of your whole family (yourself included!) is such a rare gem.

family photo shoot on the beach

Treating yourself to professional family photography means that one of you isn’t stuck behind the lens, and it makes a refreshing change to rushed selfies with someone missing half of their face!

2. You’ll have something special to give to your children

Think of family photography as a future gift to your kids.

I hate to break it to you, but none of us will be here forever. Your children (and grandchildren!) are going to want to look back at beautiful family photos in the future, and reminisce about shared memories. Physical photographs, unlike digital snaps on your phone, can be treasured forever and passed down through the generations.


3. You can capture fleeting moments

As parents, we’re all too aware of how fast our children grow up. One second they’re toddling around, the next they’re off to university. Blink and you’ll miss it!

Treasuring fleeting moments will give you plenty to look back on and smile about for years to come. Family photos have the power to transport you back to that moment in time when you could pop your little boy on your hip with ease, or when your little girl used to snuggle into you and stroke your hair. 

autumn family photo shoot outdoors



4. You’ll have gorgeous photos to display

Long gone are the days where we’d take disposable camera film to get developed, and eagerly await the prints to pop in photo albums and frames. How many of us are guilty of having thousands of photos of our kids on our phone’s camera roll, and not doing anything with them? 

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional photographer is that they work with amazing suppliers to help you display your photos in an incredible way. And all of the work is done for you – what’s not to love?

Displaying beautiful, joyful photos around your home can also have interesting mental health benefits. Studies have shown that having family photos on display around your home can help boost your child’s self esteem.

It makes them feel valued and loved, and part of something important. Plus they look amazing too!

photo frame on wall


5. You’ll feel uplifted

Continuing with the theme of mental health, displaying your family’s authentic love and joy around your home can really make you feel really good.

When you have happy connected family photos adorning your walls and shelves, they’re a constant reminder of your beautiful unique connection and fond memories.

Even on those inevitable bad days when everything seems to go wrong, the kids won’t stop quarrelling and the baby won’t stop crying, you can glance at those photos and remember what it’s all about.

One thing I always say to my clients is that I aim to create images that make them smile every time they look at them. Family photography is something that makes you feel good every single day – what better reason to invest in a shoot?

surrey family photographer
surrey family photographer


6. You’ll actually enjoy the experience itself

… I promise! I know having a photoshoot might be top of your list of fun family experiences – but that’s where you’re wrong. 

Think of it as a fun hour out of your busy lives where you can reconnect with each other, with no work, devices or homework to disturb you. Once you relax into the experience, it’s full of giggles, and you’ll soon get used to the camera snapping away.

A good photographer will give you gentle prompts throughout the session so you never feel uncomfortable, or are left wondering what to do with your hands!

surrey family photographer

You’ll never regret having a family photo shoot, but you might well regret not having one. For some unknown reason, when my boys were young I went for a period of about four years without having a family photoshoot – and I really regret it now. As a professional photographer I obviously have lots of lovely photos I’ve snapped of them, but none of them include us all together as a family.

Having a photo shoot every year or two, means that you’ll have a wonderful record of you all growing together as a family…and what could be better than that!

autumn family photo shoot


If you’re feeling inspired to invest in family photography and you’d like to find out more about my services, you can flick through more shoot info here or browse my galleries here

If you’d love to get gorgeous photos of your family but struggle to find the time, then my mini sessions are perfect for you. I run them a few times a year and in just 25 minutes I’ll capture photos of your family that you’ll love.

Just click here and enter your details to be added to my VIP list. I only email a few times a year when I announce new dates.

PS. If you’re a family photographer reading this and you’d love to learn my 12 favourite prompts to use in family shots, that result in joyful, connected photos, check out my guide Joyful here.