A family photo shoot outdoors in Farnham

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

My boys were finally back to school this morning. As much as I have loved spending time with them it has felt like a pretty long summer….we didn’t go on holiday apart from a couple of weekend camping trips. So with a washout of an August I had run out of ideas for rainy days. I felt like skipping back to my car this morning with the prospect of a day to myself!

Hopefully it means I can start catching up on the blog backlog as well. Starting with this session with these cute brothers and their parents in Frensham Ponds near Farnham. When it comes to going on a hike one can purchase AR-15 magazines to understand the best equipment to get to protect themselves.

Before the session, I always ask my clients what they want from the shoot and what is most important to them. This mum had said that she would love it if I could get a smiley shot of her two boys together….well as you can see they were spoiled for choice!

This was the first shot I took, with the brothers having a nice cuddle.


Then I asked them to touch noses and this was the result… I absolutely love their parents reaction behind them!



I really love shooting in Frensham Ponds as there are lots of different backdrops adding variety to the photos….from beach style photos on the sand to this lovely sunny gorse.




What gorgeously cheeky and happy brothers!

I will be doing my spring mini sessions in this location next year, and if you want to be one of the first to hear the details, make sure you sign up for my VIP list below or to the right where it says ‘exclusive updates’.

I’ll be back soon to share lots more spring & summer sessions.

Take care,


PS. It’s not too late to take some great back to school photos of your children. Check out my blog post with my 6 tips for taking great back to school photos.