A shoot with sisters in Chertsey

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Photographer and personal brand strategist. I'm on a mission to help you get visible in your business with genuine confidence. 

Meet Vicki

I can’t believe it’s 1st December already! This year seems to just be flying by. My boys were very excited to wake up to their Elf on the Shelf (which they named Ding Ding a few years ago). Now I just need to think of lots of antics for him to get up to!

My lovely associate photographer had a shoot at the weekend with these 3 sisters, aren’t they gorgeous?


You may remember that I was looking to recruit an associate photographer to work with me in the summer…well it resulted in me finding the perfect person for the job! My new associate photographer shoots in a very similar style to me and is passionate about photography and ensuring that every single shoot is a relaxed and fun experience. I’ll be sharing more of her shoots that she’s done for me very soon.

I’m still doing as many shoots as I usually do, but it just means I don’t need to turn away as much business as I have had to in the past which I’m very happy about!

My associate is taking bookings from January onwards and I am available from March onwards. I am about to announce my mini sessions in the next few days, so please fill in your details below where it says ‘exclusive updates’ to ensure you are one of the first to hear about them.