Family photo shoot by the River Thames in Putney

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

How was your summer? I hope you had a great time. We definitely can’t complain about the weather can we?!

I had a lovely time although it all feels like a distant memory now we’re nearly half way through September. We spent a week in the Isle of Wight and a week in Paxos, Greece. I thoroughly enjoyed switching off for a while and spending some quality time with my family.

I also do like getting back to it in September though. I have always liked a shiny new pencil case and a new exercise book. 😉 I’ve been busy getting everything ready for my upcoming Delight Retreat for photographers, and also planning and starting the recording for series 3 of the photography/business podcast I co-host, Shoot Edit Chat Repeat.

Then all of my autumn family shoots have just started again so I look forward to sharing them with you. Although I must admit to being really quite behind on my blogging. I’m not sure whether I’ll actually catch up on all of the shoots I want to share with you. How on earth did I used to blog around 100 times a year??  I guess that was around 6-8 years ago, before the days of Instagram and Facebook pages, so it was the only way I could share things with you. Now it just feels a lot quicker to put a quick photo up on my Instagram page, but I know nothing quite beats showing you how a whole session looks.

So here we go, I loved this session with this gorgeous family in SW London. We started the session walking along the River Thames in Putney on a beautiful autumnal morning.

What a gorgeous view of London and the river in the image above!

The little boy was so much fun and couldn’t get enough of the camera. He kept asking me to photograph lots more things he was doing that weekend!

I wouldn’t describe myself as a documentary photography, as I definitely do direct families a fair bit to get them in pretty light and into flattering poses.

But I love it when I can capture the family engaging in an activity. We saw this second hand bookstore on the street so I was able to capture them looking at the books together. And I’m always on the look out for interesting backdrops like the blue garage door, the shiny green bricks and their gorgeous red front door. I just love the variety of backdrops you can find whilst shooting in London

Then we back back to their home so I could capture them relaxing together as a family.

The family ordered a stunning fine art album to show the story of their shoot, the red leather cover suited the bold colours in their session beautifully.


I hope you enjoyed looking through the photos from this session. The next session I’m going to share with you is from one of the personal branding shoots that I’ve done this year.

Please do get in touch if you would like an autumn shoot for your family. I only have weekday availability left for custom sessions, but I have just announced another morning of autumn mini sessions in Surrey on Saturday 3rd November as the others filled so quickly. You can see all of the details here. Just two slots left so be quick!

And one last thing. I’ve just announced my last 2018 date for my Photography for Parents workshop in Surrey which is Saturday 24th November. So if you want to learn how to find the right light, and finally get to grips with that fancy camera in time for Christmas, then come join us!  You can see all of the details here.

Thanks so much