Family photo shoot outdoors in Surrey

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

I hope you’re having a good week and keeping warm if you are in the UK. And if you are reading this from warmer climes, I’m jealous!

A friend persuaded me to play a netball match last night…bearing in mind I haven’t picked up a netball for nearly 20 years this was quite a big ask! I actually ended up really enjoying it but I can barely walk today. So if you see someone walking around Surrey like a robot, that’s probably me!

As it’s so cold and miserable outside today, I thought I would share this sunny, happy session with you that took place at the end of September. It was unseasonably warm hence the t-shirts. I can’t even imagine being able to walk out of the door without a coat at at the moment, let alone in a t-shirt!

I first photographed the big sister from the family back in 2009. I love looking back at childrens’ photos and seeing how they have changed…


And here is the little lady with the rest of her family and her gorgeous new sister…

Don’t all the lovely summery colours make you dream of warmer weather…they certainly do with me!

The family ordered some more lovely frames to add to the ones from their last shoot along with lots of gift prints for themselves and handy Christmas presents for family!

This was one of their comments in an email to me:

“We wouldn’t dream of using anyone else now, we’ve loved both shoots and photos from you so much.”