Headshot session with Angela Kennedy from Baby Sensory, Haslemere

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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As I explained yesterday, I am going to be posting a headshot session a day with you this week as I’ve got lots of lovely shoots to share with you.

Today I’m sharing the session I had with the lovely Angela who runs Baby Sensory classes in the village of Grayshott, which is between Farnham and Haslemere. Angela is also a new neighbour of mine, (as we moved down to the Haslemere/Farnham area in September) so it was lovely to get to know her better during the session.

Angela wore the Baby Sensory colours of green & yellow so her new headshots would co-ordinate with the brand, and it worked perfectly with the colours that were in my garden at the time!


If you would love some gorgeous headshots of yourself, take a look at my next headshot morning in Surrey which is taking place on 9th September.