The importance of family photos

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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I read something some time ago that had a big impact on me. It was written by a fantastic US photographer about whether there is a perfect time to have family photos done. I hear so many people say ‘we really want to book a shoot with you once I lose the baby weight/Molly’s tooth grows through etc. I’m guilty of this too. It made me really think about the fact that I’m in hardly any of our family photos. I didn’t want the boys to look at our family photos when they grow up and wonder where their Mum was in all of them!

So I booked a friend of mine, the fabulous wedding photographer Juliet Mckee, to do an autumn shoot with us. I chose Esher Woods as the location as we go walking there a lot so it means something to us as a family. I’m so happy with the photos and I feel they really capture our personalities. 

It was such a valuable experience, not just to get these gorgeous photos of my family, but also to put myself in my clients’ shoes. I now understand the panic over what to wear, checking my email constantly to see if the gallery is ready (can’t believe I’ve admitted to that!) and then the joy of sharing the photos with my family & friends. So if you’re a photographer reading this, book a shoot with another photographer today, don’t wait! 

You can see the shoot in Juliet’s words here on her blog. Thank you so much Juliet; I’ll cherish these photos forever.