Why I’m launching a new podcast about visibility and personal branding

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Photographer and personal brand strategist. I'm on a mission to help you get visible in your business with genuine confidence. 

Meet Vicki

I have some exciting news – my new podcast is finally ready! 🥳

I first dreamt up the idea for this new podcast over 18 months ago, complete with the name, intro music and a list of dream guests that I wanted to chat with.

But first I wanted to finish my Positive Psychology diploma. Juggling intense studies with my business and family life meant that launching a podcast just had to wait. (Patience isn’t one of my strong points so I’ve had to sit on my hands! 🥴)

Having co-hosted ‘Shoot Edit Chat Repeat’ for 5 years I’m well aware of the time and love that goes into a podcast, so I wanted to wait until I could dive in with my full energy.

Plus, for the first few months of this year, I was committed to finishing my new self-paced course, Uncover your Magic, and getting it out into the world before I started recording weekly podcasts.

So why am I launching a new podcast?

Well, firstly it’s to support as many big-hearted business owners as I can to get visible in their businesses with genuine confidence. I’ve noticed a real need for down-to-earth, relatable conversations about visibility that inspire and resonate, without inducing the dreaded overwhelm or comparison.

Plus, I love podcasting! Since we pressed pause on ‘Shoot Edit Chat Repeat’ in December 2022, I miss the research, talking with inspiring guests, and the impact our chats had on listeners.

I’m fascinated by all things visibility, personal branding and confidence and I have so much I want to share – and it just won’t fit into a 10 second Instagram reel!

With my coaching clients, we craft a visibility strategy for them that is perfectly aligned with their skill set and personality. There’s no point getting visible in a way that doesn’t light you up.

For me, writing just doesn’t set me on fire (I’ve been procrastinating about this email all week!) but give me a good chat and I’m all in!

And when it comes to consuming content, podcasts are my thing. Substack and blogs are great, but they often end up in my ‘read later’ pile. However podcasts I devour while editing photos, walking the dogs, driving – you name it, I’m probably listening to a podcast while doing it!

My brand new podcast is called ‘Showing Up with Vicki Knights’ and here is the artwork. I hope you love it!


showing up with vicki knights the podcast


I’m so excited but have those natural nerves we get when starting something new. I would say I’m 92% excited, 8% terrified! 😉 Co-hosting a podcast with a friend is one thing, but launching one all by myself feels very different!

So what is Showing Up about?

In this podcast, I’ll be unwrapping the layers of getting visible in your business and building a truly personal brand while staying completely and utterly you. My amazing guests and I will pull back the curtain on the fears we face when we get visible and inspire you to show up in your business in a way that feels joyful and effortlessly attracts your dream clients.

The trailer is now live for you to listen to and I will be releasing the first 3 episodes next Tuesday – I can’t wait to share them with you.

I can’t quite get my head around it, but since I launched the trailer 6 days ago, I am now at number 2 in the UK marketing podcast chart and number 48 in the UK business podcast chart. There are only 7 female-hosted podcasts in the top 50 business podcasts, so I’m very grateful that you’ve helped to get me there. There are only 3 female-hosted podcast in the top 20 business charts, help me to make it to 4!

I would love you to go and follow/subscribe as not only does it mean that you won’t miss an episode, it also shows the powers that be that people are interested and therefore they’ll show it to more of them!



You can listen to the trailer here…


The first 3 episodes are launching this week – I can’t wait to share them with you!