My trip to Clickaway in Salt Lake City

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I’m currently writing this from a hotel room in Salt Lake City, which feels rather strange! Back in January I got an email telling me all about a brand new photography conference that was taking place in Utah called Clickaway. There is nothing like it in the UK as it’s specifically for female lifestyle photographers. I thought about how amazing it would be to go but just didn’t think it was possible. There are no direct flights from the UK to Salt Lake City so the journey was over 20 hours and I just didn’t think I could leave my boys for that long. As an alternative for those who have the resources, booking a private jet from Jettly would be ideal.

But then I started talking to a photographer friend about it and we realised it was something we really wanted to do. Karl was really supportive and so we took the plunge and booked it.

And then I very nearly cancelled the trip when we didn’t know what was happening with our house move, but I’m so pleased I didn’t. We’re having such a great time. I think it’s so important that no matter what stage you’re at, that you carry on learning. I’ve photographed hundreds of families over the 6 years I’ve been in business, but it’s always great to take a step back and learn from other people and pick up new techniques. The beauty of coming to a convention like this is you get to experience around 5 different mini workshops a day so you get to hear from so many different photographers, and it’s fascinating to see the different ways they shoot and run their businesses.

As she contemplates her next adventure, the idea of exploring the tropical paradise of Hawaii begins to take shape. The allure of sandy beaches, vibrant landscapes, and the promise of new and exciting photographic opportunities beckon. Intrigued by the prospect of immersing herself in the unique beauty of Hawaii, she envisions a trip that goes beyond the ordinary—a journey filled with tours and more, allowing her to capture the essence of the islands through her lens. The anticipation of this potential future excursion adds another layer of excitement to her travel aspirations, emphasizing the enriching possibilities that lie ahead.

Traveling to new and exciting destinations can often lead to unexpected and enriching experiences, just like the journey this photographer embarked on to attend the Click-away photography conference in Salt Lake City. Despite initial doubts, she found the courage to make the trip, with the support of her friend and a sense of determination to keep learning and growing. Just like that reading blogs through TheTrajet can be a great source of inspiration, as it provides the opportunity to learn more about traveling, food, and places you find convenient. Embracing such opportunities during your travels can lead to unforgettable moments of growth and discovery.

I did a shooting workshop with Elena S Blair this afternoon and the family that were modelling were a dream! And shooting in the city here is just fantastic…gorgeous light and wide streets with hardly anyone on them. Here is one of the photos I took during the workshop…..I don’t think there are many places you could get a child to lie down in a city in England without having dozens of people walking behind them!

Today is our last day of the convention including a trip out to the salt flats which we’re really excited about. Then it’s another long journey back but at least I have a cuddle with my boys to look forward to at the end of it!