Photo shoot in a wheat field in Sussex

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

I still have lots of lovely client shoots to share with you, but I had to pop on and show you these photos that I took of my son and puppy at the weekend.

I’ve been desperate to shoot in these wheat fields near my parents house in East Sussex for years, but each summer when I’m down there, I either don’t have my kit with me, or the farmers have already chopped it down!

But I was lucky this year, and we were blessed with beautiful evening light too. I’ll be writing a post soon on my photography workshops blog with my tips for shooting in this lovely evening light.

I wanted to capture the special relationship with my 7 year old and our puppy, they adore each other!

My heart melts looking at this first one…I think I’m going to have to clear some wall space for it!

I hope you like them too!