A stunning fine art Folio album

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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You may remember a while ago I posted some photos of a new product I was offering, the stunning Folio albums. They have been proving popular with my clients and I’ve been over the moon with the quality of each album.

This lovely family that I photographed in Esher Woods back in March, ordered a Folio Album as a beautiful way to keep all of the images from their session as well as some gorgeous frames to display round their home. I ordered a duplicate copy of their album for myself to use as my sample. They chose a sumptious chocolate leather for their cover, and I decided to go for this fresh Jade colour for my sample album (to match my branding of course!)

After a very busy summer, I’ve finally got a chance to take a few photos of it this week. You really need to hold the album in your hands to appreciate it’s stunning quality, but hopefully these photos give you a taster of how gorgeous it is!