Headshot session with Himalee from All About Birth

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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I’ve been out shooting headshots this morning and was delighted that I didn’t have to wear a hat, scarf and gloves….it’s positively balmy out there compared to what it has been!

I run headshot mornings in January when things are a little bit quieter for family photography. I had a morning of headshot sessions last week at Hart’s Boat Yard in Surbiton, Surrey. My first session of the morning was with this lovely lady. Himalee is a is a birth doula and also runs natal hypnotherapy workshops. If you are pregnant, you must take a look at at her website All About Birth as it’s full of useful information.

Himalee wanted some lovely new headshots to use on her website and social media profiles. She regularly has contributes to articles in the media and was always embarrassed about sending them a snap when they asked for a photo of her! But now she has a selection of headshots she can feel proud of. Here are a few shots from our session:

Doing these headshot sessions reminded me just how much I love doing headshots. So I’ve decided going to do a couple of mornings of headshots during the year instead of only having them in January. My next headshot morning will be in May, you can read all of the details here.

I’m also busy running lots of photography workshops at the moment, here are some photos from Saturday’s Photography for Parents workshop in Cobham.