A Spring family photo shoot in Surrey

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

At this time of year I always start longing to see some spring colour. I enjoy the cosiness of winter up until Christmas, but by the beginning of February I’ve had enough of the cold!

To get us excited about the spring (only a month or so away now!) I thought I would share a spring family session from last year. It was a lovely sunny day last March and we managed to get bluebells and daffodils in the same photos! I loved the little boys spring jacket as well, it added such a lovely pop of colour to all of the images.



Ah that’s better looking at sunny colourful photos rather than out of the window at the grey and wet! The family ordered some gorgeous frames for their walls as well as some gift prints along with all of the digital images from their session so they can enjoy them forever!

Have a great weekend,


PS. Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to learn how to finally get to grips with your camera? If so then join me on one of my upcoming Photography for Parents workshops in Surrey. You can see all of the details of my next workshops in March and June here.