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I have some exciting news – my new podcast is finally ready! 🥳 I first dreamt up the idea for this new podcast over 18 months ago, complete with the name, intro music and a list of dream guests that I wanted to chat with. But first I wanted to finish my Positive Psychology diploma. […]

Why I’m launching a new podcast about visibility and personal branding

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Before I talk about the clear signs that suggest you don’t have clarity on your personal brand, let’s first talk about what a personal brand is and why you need it. If you are the face of your business – so a coach, photographer, personal trainer, social media manager or anything in between – then […]

5 clear signs that you don’t have clarity on your personal brand

Personal Branding Tips

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It’s been just over a year since I had my garden lifestyle studio built and it’s made such a difference to my work. I hadn’t anticipated just how popular it would be with my clients, but over half of my branding shoots took place in my studio last year! My clients love the fact that […]

Branding photo shoots in Surrey my garden lifestyle studio

Personal branding photography

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, puzzled or just intimidated by the whole idea of personal branding, you’re not alone. As a branding photographer and visibility strategist, I’ve seen how myths and beliefs about personal branding can really throw people off. But once people realise that it’s not all about wanting to be an influencer or […]

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Do you instantly turn into an awkward robot as soon as the camera is pointed at you with a fake smile on your face and limbs that are as stiff as a board? You aren’t alone if you do! I’ve been photographing people for 15 years now, so I’ve seen it happen. Or people go […]

3 simple posing tricks to make you look instantly better in photos

Personal Branding Tips

We all have those marketing activities that remain stubbornly lodged at the bottom of our to-do lists. For me, one of those was applying to feature in Brand You magazine. I discovered this magazine last year, and love receiving it every couple of months and reading about all of the inspiring female entrepreneurs featured. I […]

My feature in Brand You Magazine to help you get visible in your business


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