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If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, puzzled or just intimidated by the whole idea of personal branding, you’re not alone. As a branding photographer and visibility strategist, I’ve seen how myths and beliefs about personal branding can really throw people off. But once people realise that it’s not all about wanting to be an influencer or […]

The 5 Biggest Myths about Personal Branding & Visibility

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You know why you need to get visible (and if you don’t, take a look at this blog post) but are you feeling stuck when it comes to creating content for your business? Are you lacking inspiration? In this blog post, I’m talking about how brand photography can help you get visible and grow your […]

How brand photography can help you to get visible and grow your business

Personal Branding Tips

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You’ve heard people saying that you need to get visible and show up in your business to attract your dream clients, but you’re wondering if you REALLY need to. I know you might feel like it’s easier to hide behind your laptop and do work that doesn’t involve putting yourself out there (I’ve been there!). […]

4 reasons why business owners need to build their personal brand & get visible

Personal Branding Tips

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I’m a huge believer in the power of business retreats. Taking yourself out of your normal environment for a few days to recharge your batteries, in inspiring surroundings with other like-minded business owners – it has such a positive impact on you and your business. Each year of my business (which I’ve run since 2008), […]

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I always like to try and find some time to reflect on the year and 2022 has been a year of business soul-searching for me and I’m really excited about what 2023 has in store. I’ve been in business for 14 years now (still can’t quite believe that!) and there are some big changes coming. […]

Mini branding photo shoots in Guildford, Surrey (and some big changes for 2023)

Personal branding photography

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As a small business owner, you need gorgeous, expressive photos that capture your unique spark and connect with your kind of people. Photos that will act as a magnet to your dream clients. You need images that show your energy and passion and bring you and your brand to life. Photos that give your potential clients […]

Branding photo shoots with fitness professionals

Personal branding photography

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