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It’s been just over a year since I had my garden lifestyle studio built and it’s made such a difference to my work. I hadn’t anticipated just how popular it would be with my clients, but over half of my branding shoots took place in my studio last year! My clients love the fact that […]

Branding photo shoots in Surrey my garden lifestyle studio

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This month I am celebrating 15 years of running my business. 🥳 I know it’s a complete cliché, but I genuinely don’t know where that time has gone! Statistics show that only 20% of UK businesses make it to the 15 year mark, so I feel pretty proud of myself for being one of them! […]

15 lessons learnt from 15 years of running my business


15 business lessons learnt

Do you instantly turn into an awkward robot as soon as the camera is pointed at you with a fake smile on your face and limbs that are as stiff as a board? You aren’t alone if you do! I’ve been photographing people for 15 years now, so I’ve seen it happen. Or people go […]

3 simple posing tricks to make you look instantly better in photos

Personal Branding Tips

We all have those marketing activities that remain stubbornly lodged at the bottom of our to-do lists. For me, one of those was applying to feature in Brand You magazine. I discovered this magazine last year, and love receiving it every couple of months and reading about all of the inspiring female entrepreneurs featured. I […]

Brand You magazine feature

You’ve heard people saying that you need to get visible and show up in your business to attract your dream clients, but you’re wondering if you REALLY need to. I know you might feel like it’s easier to hide behind your laptop and do work that doesn’t involve putting yourself out there (I’ve been there!). […]

4 reasons why business owners need to build their personal brand & get visible

Personal Branding Tips

branding shoot with female entrepreneur

You may have spotted that I recently had an exciting rebrand of my business including this new website that you’re looking at! This has been a long time coming as my last website & branding was 7 years old which feels like around 20 years in the online world! Things move on quickly so it […]

7 lessons learnt from rebranding my business

Personal Branding Tips

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