Branding photo shoots in Surrey my garden lifestyle studio

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

It’s been just over a year since I had my garden lifestyle studio built and it’s made such a difference to my work. I hadn’t anticipated just how popular it would be with my clients, but over half of my branding shoots took place in my studio last year!

My clients love the fact that it’s private and it’s a beautifully styled space that they can simply use as it is or make it their own by adding their own props and wall hangings to match their brand.

You can see some of the first shoots I did in the studio and some background as to why I had it built in this blog post. I thought I would share some of the branding shoots that I did in my garden studio last year so you can see just how flexible the studio is – you’ll see so many of these shoots have such a different feel from each other!

There is a gorgeous forest at the end of my road so we often pop down there for some photos in nature, so you really do get the best of both worlds!

Here is Kelly, founder of Opal & Onyx web design, and her team member Alex. We had a great time on the shoot as you can see from their lovely testimonial below:

“I had been looking for a venue to shoot in for quite a while, wanting to ensure it fully reflected our brand. So when Vicki suggested her beautiful home studio and let us know we could bring all our own props and dress the space as we needed, we knew it would be perfect.

Prior to the shoot, Vicki set up a Zoom call for us to chat through any questions or concerns we might have and to make sure we were fully prepared for the day so we could make the most of the time we had. Vicki made us feel completely at home and allowed us to take over the space, as well as being generous with her advice and time. Guiding us through the shoot, Vicki made sure we got the most out of the shoot and the time we had with her.

Thank you, Vicki, the final images are wonderful, and we love how they are the finishing touches to our website, social media and emails… I want to share them everywhere!”
Kelly, Opal & Onyx

branding shoot with website designer

And then next is Romilly Golding who is a coach helping women to recover from abusive relationships and has a new book coming out this year.

Here are the kind words that Romilly sent to me after the experience of working with me:

“For any woman dreading the thought of professional photos, simply go to Vicki! I needed to do a brand photoshoot and was honestly apprehensive as I don’t like having my photo taken. Vicki has a watertight preparation process that ensures you bring exactly the right clothes and accessories for a successful and efficient shoot. More than that though, she puts you straight at ease, and works magic with beautiful light and angles. You will be amazed, and honestly, excited to do it all over again!”
Romilly Golding
branding shoot with romilly golding


This next shoot was with Jo Williams, self-belief coach and founder of Chapter & Verse (Check out her website to see how beautifully she’s used the photos from her shoot) I first met Jo years ago when I photographed her family, then she has attended my Visibility Retreat a couple of times and also run a masterclass at one of my retreats. I love the gentle courageous feel that we created at her shoot.

branding shoot with self-belief coach


This shoot was with Victoria Page, a natural healer specialising in reiki, essential oils and kundalini yoga. I loved the calming, relaxed vibe for her shoot and I finished the shoot feeling totally zen with all of the candles and lovely smells!

branding photo shoot with kundalini yoga teacher


This is Liz Wheeler, a health and wellness practitioner and founder of Life Force Wellness. Take a look at Liz’s website to see how she has used the images from her website – it looks stunning!

branding shoot in Surrey with nutritionist


This is Suzy Timms, founder and director of Insight Avenue, a consultancy offering research services to B2B and technology brands. I’m excited that Suzy is also going to be joining me at my Visibility Retreat this year as well (which is now fully booked, thank you!)
branding shoot in Surrey with research consultant


This is Caroline who is a nutritional therapist and health coach. Caroline brought her cute dog along to the shoot as well. I’m happy for you to bring along a well-behaved four-legged friend, I love dogs!

branding shoot in Surrey with nutritionist

And you’ll see here another furry team member came along to the shoot! This is Chantelle, an intergenerational trauma coach. We were so lucky with that beautiful sparkly light in the woods on that day!
branding shoot in surrey with life coach

This is Julia Goodall, a relationship coach, psychotherapist and podcaster. Julia had a mini branding session with me before, but wanted to have a larger selection of images to use across her social media accounts and on her website.
branding shoot in surrey with psychotherapist


This next shoot was with Jennifer Bradtke, a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist helping busy professionals overcome anxiety, burnout and imposter syndrome.
branding shoot with psychotherapist

And last but definitely not least, this shoot was with Louise Taylor, a career and leadership coach. I love that she brought lots of colourful props and art with her to fill the studio and make it look completely on brand for her. The rainbow on the top shelf was painted by her daughter so it adds a lovely personal touch. Louise also has 20 years experience in musical theatre and loves to infuse that into her work, hence the last photo in this montage!
branding shoot in surrey with business coach
You can see more details about my personal branding shoots here.

And if you sometimes feel some resistance to getting visible in your business (isn’t that most of us!) then grab my 12 page visibility guide by clicking here or on the image below.

Thank you!

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