Headshot session with Janne Ford from My Heart and Home

branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

my mini branding shoots from last year 

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Meet Vicki

I was really pleased when Janne from My Heart and Home booked a headshot session with me as I knew she hated having her photograph taken, and I love showing women how great they can look! We’re so used to seeing very unflattering photos of ourselves taken in dodgy light with compact cameras, that we think that’s what we really look like. But once people see photos of themselves in the right light, with the right background and taken with a flattering portrait lens that actually shows your features how they really are, they are always very pleasantly surprised. And of course you need a friendly & experienced photographer to make you feel at ease too. 🙂

Look how great Janne looks in her headshots….

Janne has been a fantastic supporter of my business since we met on Twitter last year. I did a commercial shoot for My Heart and Home last summer with some gorgeous girls wearing beautiful nightwear (and it was one of my favourites shoots of the year) and she also came on my photography workshop for creative business owners last autumn. And we have something very exciting that we’re planning for later this year….I can’t wait!