3 simple posing tricks to make you look instantly better in photos

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Meet Vicki

Do you instantly turn into an awkward robot as soon as the camera is pointed at you with a fake smile on your face and limbs that are as stiff as a board? You aren’t alone if you do! I’ve been photographing people for 15 years now, so I’ve seen it happen. Or people go into awkward poses that they would never do in real life, leaning far away from the camera with their hands sat awkwardly in their laps. I’ve seen it many times!

And with my many years of experience, I have lots of tips and tricks up my sleeve when it comes to posing and making people look great in photos. There are 3 quick and easy tricks you can do to look instantly better. I shared these recently in an Instagram reel and had a brilliant response to it.

The funny thing is, I’ve considered sharing these tips in the past, but then thought, ‘Don’t people already know these?’ It’s funny isn’t it, that we can mistakenly assume that people already know the things that are second nature to us in our jobs, but usually they don’t! Since sharing the reel, I’ve had so much feedback from people telling me how useful they found it and that they now think about these 3 tips every time they’re in front of the camera. 🤩 So I thought I would share the 3 tricks with you, my lovely blog readers too!

I’m also going to be sharing images from my shoot with the brilliant Dr Nina Fuller-Shavel, an integrative oncologist specialist, because every blog post is more interesting with photos!


1. Sit or stand up straight 

I know, I know, I sound like a school teacher! But good posture is fundamental, yet so many people forget about it when posing for a photo. I’ve even had to remind yoga and pilates teachers to sit up straight when I’m photographing them!

Having a good posture can make a world of difference in how you appear. Sit or stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. It’s not just about looking taller; good posture is flattering and exudes confidences. See Dr Nina’s beautiful posture in these photos!

Branding photo shoot with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel



2. Tilt your body

Positioning your body straight towards the camera can look a little flat and unflattering. Instead, tilt your body at an angle away from the camera. This simple posing trick adds depth to the picture and creates a more dynamic, engaging pose. As an added bonus, angles help to define and accentuate your natural curves, creating a more flattering image.

Branding photo shoot with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel


3. Lean in

You might feel a bit odd doing this, but trust me, it works wonders. People have a tendency to back away from the camera but slumping into the back of a chair isn’t the most flattering pose. Leaning slightly towards the camera can make your features look more pronounced and engaging. It draws the viewer’s attention towards your face, and it can also help to avoid that dreaded double chin!

So that’s it. All you need to think when a camera is pointed at you is sit up, tilt and lean forward – simple right?

Remember, practice makes perfect. Spend some time in front of the mirror mastering these tricks. You may feel a little silly, but it will mean it then comes naturally when you’re next in front of the camera. You’ll be amazed at the difference these small changes can make in your photos.

A good photographer will gently direct you into flattering poses so you won’t need to worry about this on a shoot with me, but it’s handy to know when a friend or family member next points a camera at you.

Branding photo shoot with Dr Nina Fuller Shavel

If you are interested in booking a photo shoot with me, check out more details about my branding photo shoots in Surrey & London and my mini shoot mornings in Guildford.

Thank you!


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