My feature in Brand You Magazine to help you get visible in your business

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Photographer and personal brand strategist. I'm on a mission to help you get visible in your business with genuine confidence. 

Meet Vicki

We all have those marketing activities that remain stubbornly lodged at the bottom of our to-do lists. For me, one of those was applying to feature in Brand You magazine. I discovered this magazine last year, and love receiving it every couple of months and reading about all of the inspiring female entrepreneurs featured.

I finally decided to just crack on, stopped overthinking and hit send. Brand You’s editor Olivia responded that same day saying they had space in the upcoming issue which was all about visibility if I could get my article to her within the next week. It was a big yes from me!

Here’s my feature in the June/July 2023 issue with my advice on how to get visible in your business with genuine confidence.

Brand You magazine feature Brand you magazine feature

I’m so pleased with how the feature looks and thank you to my amazing clients for featuring alongside me!

After seeing my work, Brand You asked me to be part of their team of experts for their upcoming Visibility Extravaganza team.

Visibility programme


If I’d left that email just another week, I would probably have missed out on both of these opportunities.

If you have a visibility activity languishing at the bottom of your to-do list, I hope this has motivated you to do it now. Whether it’s pitching to be a guest on a podcast, joining a networking group, starting a newsletter – just be brave and take action!

And if you need some more motivation, read my blog post with 4 reasons why you need to build your personal brand and get visible.

You never know what it might lead to and what opportunities you might miss out on if you leave it for yet another week.

And remember, showing up is not showing off.



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