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Finally, it feels like the summer has arrived! I’m sat in my garden writing this which feels lovely – at last! I have my summer mini sessions this weekend, so I wanted to share a couple of summer family photo shoots that took place last year. This first session took place in the evening during […]

Summer outdoor family photo shoots in Surrey

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I hope you’re well and enjoying life slowly going back to normal. We went out for dinner on Friday and it was SO good to dress up, be cooked for and hear the buzz of people chatting and laughing around us. At least none of us will ever take those things for granted again. And […]

Family photo shoot on the beach | Surrey photographer


family photo shoot on the beach

I hope you’re having a good week. Isn’t it freeeeezing at the moment? Our heating packed up for a few days this week so we really felt how cold it was…I was going to bed wrapped up like I was going skiing! We’ve got it all sorted now and it’s made me so grateful to have […]

My summer mini sessions | Esher Family Photographer


I hope you’re having a great summer. Normally we’re all whining about the British summer weather but I don’t feel like we can whinge this year, it’s been lovely! I’ve been having such a nice time with my boys, I really do love the summer holidays. Don’t get me wrong, come September I’m sure I’ll be […]

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend. It’s been a such a wet week here so I thought I would post a lovely summery shoot to remind us that nicer weather is on it’s way (after the forecasted arctic conditions next week that is!) Here is a shoot from my mini sessions at the lavender fields […]

A baby photo shoot in the Surrey lavender fields

Family mini sessions

As the weather is so miserable today I thought I would share a happy sunny shoot with you just so we can remind ourselves that we did actually have some sunshine this summer! I absolutely loved photographing this family, they were relaxed and full of love for one another, such a joy! This session took […]

A summer family photo shoot in Surrey



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