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I hope you had a great weekend. I ran one of my ‘Photography for Parents’ workshops in Cobham and had a family shoot so I was working for most of it, but the weather was gorgeous for both which made a lovely change! I have a summer shoot to share with you today with this lovely family. […]

A child photo shoot outdoors in Cobham

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I hope you’re enjoying the summer holidays so far. Although what has happened to our lovely summery weather, please come back! I’m loving spending time with my boys, although the usual holiday juggling of being a full-time mum and running a business is already proving a challenge! I counted up how many sessions I still need […]

Family photo shoot in the Surrey lavender fields

Family mini sessions

I hope you’re having a good week and keeping warm if you are in the UK. And if you are reading this from warmer climes, I’m jealous! A friend persuaded me to play a netball match last night…bearing in mind I haven’t picked up a netball for nearly 20 years this was quite a big […]

Family photo shoot outdoors in Surrey


This shoot took place in mid-June which if you remember was the month when it seemed to never stop raining. Well this shoot is proof that we did in fact have some sunshine! When I spoke to Adele during the week we very nearly rescheduled the session, but I was optimistic about the weather and […]


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