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I’m still finishing off my own 2014 family album (it always slips to the bottom of the to-do list!) so I’m enjoying going back through some of the photos I took of my boys that year. I took these photos of my boys in October 2014. At the time I wasn’t too keen on the […]

My boys in the woods | Guildford child photographer

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I still have lots of lovely client shoots to share with you, but I had to pop on and show you these photos that I took of my son and puppy at the weekend. I’ve been desperate to shoot in these wheat fields near my parents house in East Sussex for years, but each summer […]

Photo shoot in a wheat field in Sussex

My life

I always love capturing a mummy sharing a happy moment with her children. But when that lovely mummy also happens to be one of my bestest friends, and when one of the gorgeous boys is my Godson, it makes it even more special. Here’s one from our shoot this week. Considering we have had to […]

Family photo shoot in Farnham, Surrey

My life

Happy new year! I hope you’ve had a wonderful break. I’m sad that it’s all over…we’ve had such a lovely time and now I don’t have good excuse to drink wine and eat lots of food! ūüėČ Our year has got off to a very lovely start though as on Friday our new puppy Betsy […]

If you’re looking for a headshot photographer then please go to this link which gives you details about my headshot and personal branding shoots. Thanks! ………………………………………………………………………………. I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine. As I mentioned on a previous post, I’m no longer going to be sharing my own family photos on […]

Headshot photography in Surbiton, Surrey

My life

I shared a little sneak preview of this shoot I did for My Heart and Home¬†nightwear last month. Now I can show you lots more of the photos from our lovely shoot, and believe me there really are a lot of photos in this blog post, I just couldn’t narrow it down! My Heart and […]

Commercial shoot for My Heart & Home childrens’ nightwear

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