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People say blink and you’ll miss your kids growing up as it happens so fast, but I really can’t believe how quickly it’s going. Was it really 2 years ago that S entered the world, and then when he turned 1 and started walking. And now he’s a fully-fledged toddler and about to start nursery […]

Celebrating my baby boy turning two

the latest

I thought I would share with you the results of a little shoot I did with my boys on the beach in Indonesia during our recent trip to Singapore. Karl was having a spa treatment (he’s going to kill me for saying that on my blog!) and the early evening light was lovely, so I took […]

My boys on the beach


I posted some of my iPhone photos from our family trip to Singapore recently and I have now managed to process some of my ‘proper’ photos. I decided against taking my professional kit with me, as I knew I’d be worrying about it getting damaged the whole time, especially as I had a shoot a […]

Our family holiday to Singapore and Indonesia

My life

I read something some time ago that had a big impact on me. It was written by a fantastic US photographer about whether there is a perfect time to have family photos done. I hear so many people say ‘we really want to book a shoot with you once I lose the baby weight/Molly’s tooth […]


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