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15 business lessons learnt

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This month I am celebrating 15 years of running my business. 🥳 I know it’s a complete cliché, but I genuinely don’t know where that time has gone! Statistics show that only 20% of UK businesses make it to the 15 year mark, so I feel pretty proud of myself for being one of them! […]

15 lessons learnt from 15 years of running my business

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I’m really excited to share with you my new promo video for my headshot and personal branding work. It was filmed by the brilliant Belinda Grant Photography. Belinda came on my Delight Retreat for photographers a few years ago and is just so lovely to work with, so when I saw she was venturing into […]

My new personal branding photography promo video

Personal branding photography

Personal branding photographer

I hope 2019 is being kind to you so far. I don’t think I can say happy new year now it’s mid-Jan, can I? The year has started off for me in a flurry of activity, as I always use this time to work on all of the things I don’t get time when I’m […]

Exciting magazine coverage and my new video


I can’t quite believe I’ve been in business for a whole decade now. And I’ve been writing this blog for nearly all of that time, that’s a LOT of blog posts (520 to be precise!) I’m so thankful to all of you lovely people who have supported me along the way. ?? It’s certainly been […]

I hope you were ok in the snow last week. I’m personally glad it’s gone, I love it for about an hour of sledging time, then the disruption to everything just gets annoying. Why is it other countries can function with 6 ft of snow, yet a few inches and the UK comes to a […]

My trip to the Click Away photography convention in Florida


Wow, it’s been a busy start to the year so I just realised I’ve neglected my poor blog so far in 2018. But at least I’m back now! There’s been a lot going on…I’m in the process of having my workshop website completely re-designed. The prevous design was only 5 years old, but it’s amazing how […]

Family photo shoot outdoors in Surrey



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