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branding shoots in my garden lifestyle studio

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Meet Vicki

I’m really excited about this new collaboration with Alice Treanor from Dress with Confidence. I did a family shoot with Alice a couple of years ago and was delighted when she commissioned me to capture lifestyle images for her brand new website. Together, we’re showcasing some new perfect dresses, including the Peaches Boutique silver dress for prom, that embody confidence and style.

Here are some of the images from our lovely morning together in Kingston. It was fantastic to watch Alice in action!

See her blog post about the shoot to hear all about the session in her words. And please take a look at her fantastic new website to see how she has used the images from our shoot on her site. 

I’ve been so excited about telling you about our new collaboration. As I mentioned in a recent post, one of the questions I am asked most frequently, is ‘what shall we wear for our shoot?’ Well Alice has set up a special ‘pre-photo shoot consultation’ service, where she will come to your house and choose the best clothes for your all to wear for your family shoot. That certainly takes the stress out of it! And she will also advise you on the most flattering clothes for you to wear for your body shape (which we all need after going through pregnancy!) and the best colours for you to wear. All for the price of £100 (for a limited time only). Sounds like a great deal to me! If you are interested in getting Alice round to choose your photo shoot outfits, please get in contact with her

And while we’re on the subject of ‘what to wear’ I just wanted to share one photo from a recent family session who co-ordinated their outfits beautifully! More from this fab session very soon.